Sunday, December 10, 2023

Larwyn’s Linx: The Trump Plan To Shatter the Deep State

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 • The Trump Plan To Shatter the Deep State Cold Fury
 • New FISA-702 Reauthorization Bill (HR 6611) Expands Surveillance of Americans CTH
 • Trump tells Wall Street crowd 'Biden indictments' against him opened 'Pandora's box' Daily Mail
 • He Who Must Not Be Named: Hunter Biden Indictment is Itself a Model of Evasion Turley
 • Duration of Hunter Biden’s Simple Indictment Is 2020 Election Interference Federalist
 • “And the truth shall make you mad” Power Line
 • Islamic Terror Supporters Target Synagogues, Vandalize Church in Los Angeles DC
 • Correcting Ghetto Gavin Newsom’s Claims About Crime Jeffrey H. Anderson
 • Dem Rep Loses Mayoral Race After Shocking Leaked Audio, Botched Ad DC


 • Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Clarice Feldman
 • UN climate summit serving burgers, BBQ as it calls for US to stop eating meat Fox
 • Ivy League University Leaders Resign Amid Outrage Over Handling Of Campus Antisemitism DC

Scandal Central

 • Attacks Against U.S. Forces Escalate In Middle East As Biden Lacks Response Ryan Saavedra
 • Barack Heinrich Obama
 • Want to beat the stock market? Just copy Congress! Daily Mail


 • Musk Asks Zelensky About Imprisoned American Journalist After Tucker Carlson Sounds Alarm ZH
 • Did Bill Maher and Roseanne Barr just guide intoxicated wokesters into TDS-rehab? Marie Hembree
 • "People Have Spoken": Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll ZH


 • IAF conducts ‘extensive’ strikes in Lebanon after Hezbollah drone injures troops JNS
 • Israel Confirms Mossad Helps Foil Iranian Terror Attack in Cyprus Breitbart
 • Israel’s survival clashes with Obama’s America’s Lebanon delusions JNS


 • Newsom’s California Is Showing Us What The Green Energy Transition Looks Like — And It Isn’t Pretty DC
 • If Global Warmists Are Going to Panic about Something... Jeffrey Folks
 • The Sequencing Data Just Went Missing Brownstone


 • A Snowy Hike In Yellowstone Inspired Million-Selling National Parks Board Game CSD
 • Armed patrols at synagogues, mosques and around home of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
 • Sunday Meme Drop Non-Original Rants

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

RE - “ Trump Plan To Shatter the Deep State”

Conspicuous by its absence is restoring the obligation of news media to be fact based, as opposed to opinion based. IMO this is absolutely essential, because without it everything else becomes more difficult to impossible.