Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

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Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years: Circa
Oops: Brennan Completely Contradicts Comey on Congressional Notification: Treehouse
Republican Senator Floats Back-Door Amnesty Proposal: Brendan Kirby

In Wake Of Manchester, NY Times Calls For Respecting Hardcore Islamists: RWN
Manchester Attack Prompts U.S. Law Enforcement Reaction: John Rossomando
Almost 740,000 visa overstays in 2016: NUSA

Democrats Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion: ACC
John Brennan: Hostility between Putin, Clintons drove Russia's actions: Todd Shepherd
Another Look Inside That Parked Car: Scott Johnson

Toolkit: How to Talk with Your Neighbor About Free Market Health Care: Beverly Hallberg
The People Must Regain the Consent of the Governed: Brent Smith
Yeeesh: Nancy Pelosi Refers to NRA as Part of Intelligence Community: David Rutz


Financialization: The Z Man
Trump's budget draws comparisons to Reagan: W. James Antle III
The Trump budget is just telling the truth—and you can’t handle the truth!: Jake Novak

Scandal Central

How John Brennan's CIA became a big consumer of unmasked intelligence on Americans: Circa
Brennan: As CIA Head, I Regularly Shared Classified Information With The Russians: Katie Pavlich
Trey Gowdy grills Brennan on evidence of Trump collusion with Russia: Scoop


JK Rowling Attacks Journalists for Reporting on Manchester Bombing: Jack Posobiec
Dershowitz sees positives in Mueller appointment: Chad Groening
Where are the Moderate Muslims?: PragerU


"Dangerous Woman" Meets Dangerous Man: Mark Steyn
Manchester homeless cradled dying women and pulled nails from children's faces: The Sun
Potential terrorists in UK swells to 3,500 - but powers to monitor used LESS than in 2015: Express

Manchester Bombing: How did ISIS strike again?: Lisa Daftari
First Photo of Manchester Terrorist Emerges as Military Deployed To The Streets of UK: Breaking 911
The jihad playbook: Why terrorists attack children: Nate Madden

Trump In Israel: A Day of Historic Firsts-A Repudiation of Obama : Jeff Dunetz
Manchester Ariana Grande Concert Bomber is Yet Another 'Known Wolf' Terrorist: Patrick Poole
Yet Another Jihad Massacre in Britain: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Firm headquartered in Dayton leading charge in Artificial Intelligence work: Thomas Gnau
New Australian radio telescope finds mysterious 'fast radio burst': DailyMail
Google starts tracking offline shopping — what you buy at stores in person: LAT


Kim Dotcom Issues Statement on Seth Rich’s Involvement in Wikileaks: Cernovich
Why The Civilized World Is Losing The War On Islamic Jihad: A Final Solution: MOTUS
Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage: Janie Har

Image: Landslide on California highway part of $1 billion in damage
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QOTD: "All of us have gotten things wrong since 9/11. But few of us have gotten things as disastrously wrong as May and Merkel and Hollande and an entire generation of European political leaders who insist that remorseless incremental Islamization is both unstoppable and manageable. It is neither - and, for the sake of the dead of last night's carnage and for those of the next one, it is necessary to face that honestly. Theresa May's statement in Downing Street is said by my old friends at The Spectator to be "defiant", but what she is defying is not terrorism but reality. So too for all the exhausted accessories of defiance chic: candles, teddy bears, hashtags, the pitiful passive rote gestures that acknowledge atrocity without addressing it - like the Eloi in H G Wells' Time Machine, too evolved to resist the Morlocks.

As I asked around Europe all last year: What's the happy ending here? In a decade it will be worse, and in two decades worse still, and then in three decades people will barely recall how it used to be..." --Mark Steyn

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