Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Trump Fires FBI Director for Mishandling Clinton Email Probe

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Image: Sean Spicer First Interview Since Comey Firing
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QOTD: "What Comey did on July 5 of last year in announcing his decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton in the email investigation was a travesty. If, as he and everyone else has said, it was the unanimous decision of those looking at all of the evidence not to seek an indictment, it was a misuse of his power and authority to take to a podium and criticize her for her behavior. Indeed, his speech was so savagely negative it sure sounded like he was going to announce an indictment referral up until the moment he declared he would not do so. That was not right, it was not just, and it was not proper. He cleared her by casting a giant shadow over her campaign. This was prosecutorial indiscretion, and in my view, Barack Obama should have fired him right then and there.

It was the shocking and confusing nature of his statement that led the House to call Comey to testify and promise he would keep its members up to date on any changes or alterations in the proceedings. So when the investigation into Anthony Weiner revealed he had emails on his computer forwarded to him by his wife Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide, Comey indeed had no choice but to apprise Rep. Jason Chaffetz that the FBI was going to look at those emails to make sure they weren’t new and weren’t classified." --John Podhoretz


Anonymous said...

Black lives matter in a different way to Mayor Murphy than they do to others. I am surprised Seattle's Blacks aren't burning the City down and demanding his immediate resignation, unless of course, the money matters more than Principles.

Anonymous said...

Comey killed Finnicum, I'm glad he's gone.
Mr. T's on a roll.

MAX Redline said...

Comey killed Finnicum, I'm glad he's gone.

Um, no. He was shot by Oregon State Patrol officers. Unlike you, I live in Oregon and am very familiar with what happened and how.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna open my mouth (keyboard) for the first time on the linked subjects of Finnicum and the Bundys.

On a personal level, from what a man can tell from a distance, I really like/liked both. Seemed to be salt of the earth types all the way, though maybe not Nobel laureate material.

But they picked fights that most people couldn't get solidly behind, at least I couldn't. Here's a few examples why:

My local government thugs decided that a certain public mountain top was suddenly just too dangerous or inconvenient, depending on which official excuse you listened to,and so just as suddenly it must be controlled access only. They gated it, closed it off completely a large part of the year, and started charging a user fee to the taxpayer who paid for the land already to simply drive through a few of miles of gravel road,maybe use a picnic table that was there before the gating. Of course they didn't even bother to make actual safety or convenience improvements, only those needed to keep out honest taxpayers.

We can prove that another 15,000 or so acre trac has been open for horseback, firewood gathering, hunting, camping, off-roading, fishing, and more for over 100 years and had always kept the best wildlife numbers in several counties has now been closed off to almost every activity except hiking and they are attempting to stop that. All in the name of "improving" the wildlife numbers of the area that already had the best wildlife numbers in an entire region. I still have the Sports Afield, Fishing Facts, and Field and Stream magazines that mentioned the area. It's only a little better than average now that the government is "improving" it and hasn't been mentioned in a national magazine in years.

They force poor multi-generational owners to sell at quarter value and pay four times land value to rich landowners who have the funds to present a legal challenge. Then they let the land lay fallow, often unconnected to any significant trac or just an unneeded addition to another too large already trac.

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. I could spend all day quoting you more.

(see more below)

Old Ez

Anonymous said...

The government is raping the average citizen of public land use in my part of the country. They have split off the public/private lands so that almost the only decent places to hunt or fish with decent access belong to expensive and exclusive hunting and fishing clubs. We are practically back to the times of Robin Hood when only the very wealthy have the privilege to hunt and fish.

After what I'm seeing around me, I have a hard time getting all excited that some rancher says the government is too hard on him while he has the money to own thousands of heads of cattle and controls hundreds or thousands of acres of land that he pays less for each year than the taxes that the average citizen would have to pay for ten percent of that many acres.

I'm sure that if I looked really closely at all their complaints, they would get my sympathy. In fact they do already. But it's just not a good solid drop in the bucket in comparison. For what injustice is being done to their few families with some means, they want us to start a revolution, while what is being done to a whole and impoverished people in a whole region apparently doesn't even deserve a mention.

Who is crying for us? Who wants to start a revolution to right our injustices?

From where I stand, it sorta looks like a bunch of land and cattle rich rednecks want us poor rednecks to save their skins. But it doesn't much look like they give a horse's ass about us or our skin.

It reminds me of the War Between the States when the rich industrialists up north and the wealthy landed plantation owners down south got all the poor people of the nation to settle who was gonna make the big money for the next 150 years. They ripped this nation so deep that it will never heal. But they didn't give a damn about that or us poor of the nation.

All that being said, Finnicum was murdered. We all saw it. If he'd been my friend or family, a certain group might lie down every night wondering if they would get to do so again tomorrow night.

Old Ez