Monday, May 15, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats stack up ways to torpedo Trump's nominations

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Democrats stack up ways to torpedo Trump's nominations: Daniel Chaitin
The Blinkered Class: Z Man
California Governor Goes Resistance On ‘Climate Change’, Illegal Aliens: William Teach

Schumer’s Threat To Block New FBI Director Shows Democrat Incompetence: Jay Caruso
Bummer: No sign of an impending 'wave' election: Salena Zito
Never, ever allow these deranged opportunists near power again: Obiter Dictum

By What Right Do We Bear Arms?: Herschel Smith
Orks and Beakers: Z Man
Trump Calls For Better Women’s Healthcare On Mother’s Day: William Teach

Minnesota needs $5 million to fight infectious diseases in immigrant population: RRW
Sick illegals spread norovirus to 32 schools --- Yolo County CA: FAM
Halper: Tapping Cornyn for FBI Head Would Make Situation Even More Political: WFB


Trump, GOP prepare for tax code bonfire: Joseph Lawler
Chicago Jail on lockdown because over 200 guards called off on Mother's Day: Marathon
Brown’s New Budget To Include Millions To Defend Illegal Aliens From Deportation: RWN

Scandal Central

JW: Clinton Still Faces Legal Jeopardy Over Gross Mishandling of Classified Data: Katie Pavlich
What Crime Would a ‘Special Prosecutor’ Prosecute?: Andrew C. McCarthy


ABC faces boycott after cancelling Tim Allen’s fan favorite hit TV show: RWN
CNN Devotes Entire Segment to “2 Scoops of Ice Cream” Attack: TruthFeed
Bernstein: Comey Firing ‘More Dangerous Situation’ Than Watergate: Nicholas Fondacaro


NorKs Latest ICBM Can Carry Nuke Warhead, Test Shot Lands Within 60 Miles of Russia: WSJ
The Genetic Dead Ends Who Rule Europe: Jim Goad
The globalization debate is just beginning: Joel Kotkin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

'Like Having Tomahawk Missiles Stolen': Microsoft Blasts NSA Over Ransomware Attack: InfLib
Don’t Click Anything Day: Mati Greenspan
Cyber chaos may grow as workweek begins: Times of Israel


How Did This Happen?: MOTUS
Herding Cats: dbd
Colorado man to be arraigned for 1994 cold case murder in Huntington Beach: OCR

Image: What you need to know about North Korea's missile test
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QOTD: "Democrats, you want to know why you lost to Donald Trump? Because people who are looking to survive tend not to rely on people that act insane. But, by all means, keep it up if it means the country doesn’t have to suffer under your policies that seek to grow a sector of the economy that doesn’t actually produce anything but keeps you in fat paychecks and mansions.

Just, for the love of God, don’t hurt anyone." --Sarah Lee

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