Thursday, May 18, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Bush AG On Comey’s Prior Scandals: ‘Jim’s Loyalty Was... To Chuck Schumer’

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Bush AG On Comey’s Prior Scandals: ‘Jim’s Loyalty Was... To Chuck Schumer’: Sean Davis
Under the Obama Precedent, No Trump Obstruction of Justice : Andrew C. McCarthy
The media hypocrisy over Trump’s intelligence leak: Marc A. Thiessen

Ex-FBI Head Mueller Named Special Counsel for Russia Probe: Charles Fain Lehman
Our Constitutional Crisis Has Nothing to Do with James Comey: William Sullivan
Worried about fallout, Dems poised to poll-test impeachment: Alex Roarty

A Desperation Play is the Democrats’ Strategy Against the Trump Mandate: Conrad Black
Massive LA Raids Take Down MS-13 Gang Members, Murderers: Jack Heretik
Trump to Grads: Never, Never Give Up: TruNews

Cruz and Paul: Don’t let this Senate employee destroy health care: Daniel Horowitz
Three Times Barack Obama Attempted to Obstruct Justice: Keith Koffler
Sheriff David Clarke says he's accepted DHS job: RWN


Oops, There Goes A Feminist Talking Point: Coyote Blog
Who Has Absolute Health-Care Moral Authority? : Michelle Malkin
Social-Justice Math Class: ‘Math Has Been Used as a Dehumanizing Tool’ : Katherine Timpf

Scandal Central

Let’s Connect the Dots: Robert Gore
All This Impeachment Talk Is Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome: Nick Gillespie
Racial Segregation Promoted at American University: MB

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Sen. Rand Paul's REINS Act Clears Senate Hurdle: Jon Meadows


Dershowitz: Come on, no one’s going to indict Trump for obstruction: Ed Morrissey
CNN’s Unhealthy Obsession With Trump: Kemberlee Kaye
Gorka: It's no longer fake news, it's now dishonest news: Fox

Editor Destroyed for Advocating Writing About People From Other Cultures: Dave Blount
Levin: The Trump Administration Is Within Steps Of Being ‘Destroyed’: Daily Rushbo
Hannity: The swamp wants to stop Trump and stay in power: Fox


Erdogan’s Goons Bring Turkish Violence to American Soil: AmInt
Mark Levin: Trump has betrayed Israel: Ed Straker
Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants: Gatestone

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Fundamental Flaw in TCP/IP: Connecting Everything: Jeff Hussey
Cryptocurrency-mining malware has been using WannaCry's NSA exploit for weeks: David Bisson
From Virtual Nurses To Drug Discovery: 106 Artificial Intelligence Startups In Healthcare: CB Insights


A Leak a Day Keeps the Plumbers at Bay: MOTUS
Curtains for Comey: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Pentagon Awards Contract To United Airlines To Forcibly Remove Assad: Paul Sharpe

Image: Who Has Absolute Health-Care Moral Authority?
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QOTD: "Had President Donald Trump’s mistake remained a secret known only to our national security establishment (and of course the Russians ), the Islamic State group would probably never have learned of it. (Russia and the Islamic State are not exactly on speaking terms.) The Islamic State group learned about it only because current and former U.S. intelligence agents leaked it to the media, which published it...

...There can be little doubt, therefore, that the leak and publication of the Trump disclosures to the Russians may have caused more damage to our national security than the Trump disclosures alone had they remained secret. This reality raises fundamental questions about the costs and benefits of leaking and publishing leaks." --Alan Dershowitz

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