Thursday, May 25, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Defend what you believe or lose it

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Defend what you believe or lose it: Tucker Carlson
Rome is Burning -- and Nero is Worried About Pyrophobia: Ann Coulter
DHS: More than 700K visa overstays in 2016 alone: Hot Air

How the Comey Affair Will Be a Decisive Victory for the President: Conrad Black
Evidence Piling up That Seth Rich Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks: Rachel Alexander
What The FBI Should Be Investigating: The Death Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich: CHQ

Obama admin knew MS-13 part of illegal immigrant surge: Whistleblower: Times
Fewer Tears, Fewer Lies, And More Righteous Anger: Kurt Schlichter
Chicago only major U.S. city to lose population from 2015 to 2016: Trib

Clapper and Brennan Leave Comey Holding the Russia Bag; What Now?: Treehouse
OMG: Top Russian Aides Discussed How To Influence Trump Aides!!!: RWN
Can This Millennial Be The Youngest Woman Senator?: Carrie Sheffield


America’s High Schools Are Creating (Another) Lost Generation: Peter Diekmeyer
Two Simple Charts Explain The Devastating Consequences Of Obamacare: ZH
Great Again: Trump Budget Requires Work for Food Stamps: Margaret Menge

Scandal Central

Are House Democrats being blackmailed by IT staffers, who have collected dirt on politicians?: Alex Christoforou
Wasserman Schultz Obstructs Justice in Congressional Hacking by Threatening Police: Daniel Greenfield
UN health agency spends more on travel than on AIDS and malaria combined: Joe Carter

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Farmer Faces $2.8 Million Fine For Plowing His Own Field: Elizabeth Harrington


Fighting the Politicized, Evidence-Free ‘Collusion with Russia’ Narrative: Andrew C. McCarthy
Best Buds Mueller and Comey Target Trump: Cliff Kincaid
Texas Sheriff Defends Controversial Facebook Post Over Manchester Bombing: WZ


Obama's Legacy, a Nuclear Iran?: Emily B. Landau
Abbas Disses Trump: Danielle Avel
Remember When Obama Gifted U.S. Intelligence to Cuban Spies?: Humberto Fontova

Enabling Murder: Bruce Bawer
Manchester's Police and Politicians Have Blood on Their Hands: Daniel Greenfield
Nigel Farage: Accepting terrorism as a way of life is 'appeasement': Pete Kasperowicz

Ariana Grande concert attack: 119 wounded, 64 people still hospitalized: Fox
Gen. McMaster Squanders Tremendous Capital Trump Earns in Saudi Arabia: Kenneth R. Timmerman
UK Prime Minister to Raise Issue of Manchester Bombing Leaks with President Trump: Steven Herman

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A classic quantum test could reveal the limits of the human mind: Anil Ananthaswamy
Can Vatican display shed light on the fate of the Menorah?: Times of Israel
Why using AI to sentence criminals is a dangerous idea: ILPC


Trump sells Vatican to Pope Francis for 2.5 million: Komissar al-Blogunov
We Still Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evidence.: MOTUS
Outrage After Michelle Obama Does THIS in Cathedral: RWN

Image: Manchester Bombing, Screws, Backpack and Battery Photos Surface
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QOTD: "There is only one appropriate reaction to the kind of people who strap on bomb vests packed with nails and wait for smiling, laughing tweens to come along before hitting the detonator and ripping their limbs off and tearing their guts out.

The only appropriate reaction is righteous fury that turns into a grim determination to exact a retribution upon the bomber’s bros so thorough and so comprehensive that in a thousand years the few descendants of the survivors will still terrify their children with the story of the vengeance exacted by the avengers of the West.

And then our enemies would fear us. Which they don’t today. Today, they laugh at us. And they should, because we are ridiculous." --Kurt Schlichter


Andrew_M_Garland said...

The link above is bad for "Defend what you believe or lose it: Tucker Carlson"
( )

This is the good link:

Bookdoc said...

I do agree with the sentiment. Nuke a city in Pakistan or Afghanistan and tell them another city goes with the next attack. The only way to deal with the muslim disease is amputation and cauterization. You could also round up 10x the number of casualties in muslims (INCLUDING women and children) and drop that many muzzies from a cargo aircraft. The enemy has to be made to realize that they will suffer more casualties than we will. That's how we won WWII and it still works..