Saturday, May 06, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: We’re Losing the Freedom Our Fathers and Sons Fought For

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We’re Losing the Freedom Our Fathers and Sons Fought For: Ben Stein
AHCA Fails to Cover Pre-Existing Progressive Hysteria: David Catron
The Others: The Z Man

More Spying and More Lying: Judge Andrew Napolitano
2009 Paul Ryan Slams 2017 Paul Ryan: Blaze
Republicans Alter Obamacare. Meh.: AWD

Senate Republicans Promise Big Changes To Ocare “Repeal” Bill: RWN
Texas Becomes 11th State to Call for Article V Convention: Taryn O'Neill
Levin: Biggest News Yesterday Was Not Obamacare... It Will Be "an Earthquake': CNS

Washington Post: OMG, Trump Has Brought Down Border Crossings With Fear!: RWN
How Liberals Use Compassion to Hurt People: John Hawkins
Delta’s turn: We’re sorry for threatening our customer with jail: Ed Morrissey


The End of Freedom: Healthcare Codified as a Right by... Republicans?: Ben Shapiro

Scandal Central

Huma Abedin won’t explain classified emails she sent to Weiner: Kevin Fasick
Failure to Prosecute Huma Abedin Is Indefensible: Tony Katz
Democrat Senator calls for special prosecutor to investigate Huma Abedin: Carlos Garcia

OIG Report: More Than 100 Veterans Died While Waiting for Care at Los Angeles VA: Natalie Johnson
Sanctuary City Cops Refused to Release Images of Illegal Alien Accused of Rape: Carr
Was Rand Paul ‘Wiretapped’ by The Obama Administration ?: Jeff Dunetz

Climate, Energy & Regulations

SpaceX’s Careful Image Management Hides an Ugly Truth: George Landrith
New device can harvest indoor light to power electronics: John Timmer


FL: CAIR outraged students were shown “Obsession”: BNI
Appeasement and apologies will not save you.: Daniel Greenfield
Celebrities Rage at House Obamacare Repeal: 'F*ck All Y'all': Daniel Nussbaum


Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia in First US Combat Death There Since 1993: Richard Sisk
Dutch police accused of bribing newspaper to bury data on Muslim migrant crime: Robert Spencer
Macron email hacking shows that free speech is dead in France: Adam Garrie

Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez, whereabouts unknown: Fausta
Europe: More Migrants Coming: "Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way": Gatestone
You should be rightly suspicious of that 11th hour French election hack: Jazz Shaw

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hello Tatooine! An unpowered device can harvest water vapor in a desert: Ars Technica
Trump’s FCC chairman has wasted no time enacting a conservative agenda in his first 100 days: Brian Fung
Elastic search stack wises up with machine learning: Serdar Yegulalp


Macron pledges to redistribute EU terror attacks fairly: Cube
That’s a Bunch of Boloney: MOTUS
Islam, Muslims, Violent Jihad and Shariah: Christopher Holton (2013)

Image: NBCsplainer: Venezuela Protests and Economic Crisis: What Is Going On?
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QOTD: "You want to hear the biggest news today, the very biggest news today? The Texas House just passed Article V Convention of States resolution. The Senate already passed it. So, Texas is state number 11 out of 34 needed.

I am telling you, as we get closer to 20, this will be the biggest issue in front of you. The left will go crazy. They’ve already started. Their organizations are getting ramped up... Some of the conservative think tanks will start to attack as well. The Washington politicians will go nuts. The media will go nuts. I will again be called a right-wing conspiracy hack for my role, at least, in radio and my book in this effort.

...[The] Republican establishment, the Democrats, the media are going to freak out, and we’re just going to have to be ready for it.

“This is the greatest threat against the statist, utopian progressives in 125 years, the fact that we are prepared to use the Constitution of the United States to restore the Constitution of the United States and to restore a real republican, little ‘r’ republican, government." --Mark Levin

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