Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The omnibust is far worse on border security than you think

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The omnibust is far worse on border security than you think: CR
President Ryan Takes Over: George Rasley
What We Have, We Hold: The Z Man

DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist: Brent Scher
Chaffetz Potentially Out For Weeks Due To Medical Emergency: Juliegrace Brufke
Hillary Declares Herself Part Of 'The Resistance': Ben Shapiro

The Dirty Red Secrets of May: Sultan Knish
Manhunt underway after 2 Chicago Police officers shot: Trib
An Open Letter To All The Fragile College Students In Their Safe Spaces: John Hawkins

Republicans' Total Surrender on Budget Has Democrats Feeling Unbeatable: Ace
Chuck Schumer: Budget Crafted by Him, Ryan, McConnell and Pelosi: Breitbart
Ingraham: GOP Has ‘Hell to Pay’ for ‘Demoralizing’ Budget Fiasco: LifeZette


Public Employees and the Shadow World of American Carnage: John Carney
Spending Bill Includes 2,500 More Visas for Afghans: PJM
Promises Broken – President Trump Signs Stop-Gap Spending Bill: Brent Smith

Scandal Central

DoJ Releases First Estimate of Number of Foreigners Held in Federal Prisons: Ace
New Huma Emails Reveal 29 Additional Clinton Emails With Classified Information: Madeleine Weast

Climate, Energy & Regulations

20 New Science Papers Find Climate Is Driven By Solar Changes: Kenneth Richard
Saudis take 100% control of America's largest oil refinery: Matt Egan


Fox News Just Got A Lot Less Shiny: Betsy Rothstein
Here’s the Real Reason Murdoch Sons are Cleaning House at Fox News: Rachel Stockman
Rogue journalist stuns White House reporters with surprise grilling: Garth Kant

Top Immigration Group Withdraws Support from Trump for “Broken Promises”: RWN
Conservatives beware: Ivanka’s leftism is on the rise: Chris Pandolfo
Kushner Failed To Report $1 Billion Investment In Goldman-Sachs, Soros-Linked Startup: RS


Truman vs. the Democrat Party: Jeff Dunetz
There May Be More To North Korea’s ‘Failed’ Missile Test Than Meets The Eye: Ryan Pickrell
FBI Must Explain Why Their Translator Went To Syria And Married ISIS Terrorist: VictoryGirls

Iran Using U.S. Cash to Fund Unprecedented, Massive Military Buildup: Adam Kredo
US Commandos Set to Counter North Korean Nuclear Sites: Bill Gertz
ISIS continues to demonstrate ingenuity.: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Big Brother Is Still Watching You: John W. Whitehead
Man Missing Most Of His Brain Challenges Everything We Thought We Knew About Consciousness: IFLScience
Tesla: ZenPencils


Instructional video: how to handle commie roadblocks: Zilla
The Incredible Lightness of Being Smug: MOTUS
Hillary Clinton Can't Figure Out Why She Lost: Frankenstein Government

Image: Hillary Declares Herself Part Of 'The Resistance'
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Anonymous said...

The other side of the story on the story-gap budget thingy...

Perhaps it's not as bad as anti-Trumpers want you to believe?

Anonymous said...

America is lost. We send yutes to do a job made for adults.
So much for sacred honor. So much for keeping the Republic. They molested Lady Liberty while dRATS secretly hoped she was a Tranny.
I don't know you anymore.