Monday, May 01, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Susan Rice: Who, me? I didn’t “misuse” any of that intel I got on Trump

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Susan Rice: Who, me? I didn’t “misuse” any of that intel I got on Trump: Jazz Shaw
Summer Soldiers: The Z Man
Confused, senile old bat in charge of Democrats calls Trump "Bush": WZ

On May 1st, Remember The Horrors Of Communism And Socialism: Jeff Dunetz
Study Finds Democrats Least Tolerant of Opposing Views: Tom Knighton
Mark Levin: Soros mobilizing against Convention of the States: WNDTV

What Makes America Great?: Daniel Krauthammer
President Trump Mocks WHCD from PA Rally: IJR
Sebastian Gorka to accept role outside White House: Sarah Westwood

Thousands Of Little Socialists To Hit The Streets To Protest Trump Or Something: RWN
Trump to Turn to Same List for Next Supreme Court Vacancy: Max
NY Lawmakers Hatch Plan to Release Trump's Tax Returns: David Klepper


Is Health Care a Right?: Andrew E. Busch (2009)
Lawmakers strike budget deal to fund government through Sept. 30: Exam
Panic Bank Run Crushes Canada's Largest Alternative Mortgage Lender: ZH

Scandal Central

The real collusion story: Richard Baehr
PayPal suspends BNI account and refuses to give a reason why: BNI
Deep Corruption: Hiring scandal reveals stench of Illinois government: John Ruberry

Climate, Energy & Regulations

People's Climate March Denver canceled because snow: Mikhail Lysenkomann
Newish Prognostication: Inner California Will Soon Be Beachfront: RWN


Samatha Bee, self-consolation, and the smug liberal problem.: Althouse
Trump Insults CBS Anchor John Dickerson to His Face During Interview: David Bixenspan
Chelsea Clinton tries debating Ben Shapiro on Twitter; it doesn’t end well for her: Martin Walsh

100 Days: The Media: Lauren Selsky
Trump Skips Correspondents Dinner, But Media’s Bias Can’t Be Ignored: Dan Gainor
Serious Discussions of a New Right-Leaning Network Are Taking Place: Sara Noble


Iran’s Presidential Candidates’ Crimes Against Humanity: Shahriar Kia
Europe: What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here: Giulio Meotti
South African civil war imminent as Zulu could seize land: DailyMail

Former guard reveals what life is like at a North Korean prison camp: Matt Broomfield
Thousands at North Korea's prisons face being butchered: DailyMail
French amphibious carrier arrives in Japan for Pacific drills amid growing North Korea tensions: Independent

The Horror! The Horror!: Burning Platform
Saudi Arabia arrests 46 militant suspects involved in Medina attack: ForeignDesk
Erdogan Blocks Wikipedia, Bans TV Dating Shows, Purges Another 4,000 Public Officials: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What happens when self-driving happens: Nabeel Hyatt
America’s Nuclear Response Procedure Explained, Using GIFs From ‘Friends’: Tom Nichols
Adobe sees VR and wearables as next great travel disruptors: Amanda Razani


100 Days of #TheResistance’s Humiliating Failure: Kurt Schlichter
Mayday! Mayday!: MOTUS
Pelosi Gets Berned… Faces Pro-Sanders Primary Challenger: RWN

Image: Commies getting ready to protest the establishment by snackin on some good ol' KFC 😂
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QOTD: "Obama should have won the Nobel Drone Prize as he launched ten times as many attacks as Bush, killing thousands, blowing up wedding parties, and murdering hundreds of innocent civilians. He bombed seven countries even though we are not officially at war with anyone. " --Jim Quinn

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