Thursday, May 04, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: DOJ: One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born

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DOJ: One in Four Federal Inmates Is Foreign-Born: Brendan Kirby
John Kelly 'shocked' by Democrats glee over blocked funding for border wall: Times
Three illegal alien MS-13 gang members arrested on Long Island: DailyMail

House to vote Thursday on Obamacare repeal: Robert King
House Obamacare repeal bill faces Senate makeover: Exam
A Magic Cure: George Handlery

Five Consequences of America’s Moral Collapse: John Hawkins
The First Victims: Daniel Greenfield
The Weirdest Anti- Pro-Life Argument Yet: David Blount

May Day: Democrat Hypocrisy Hits Zenith: Brenda Walker
Trump seeks to wipe away the Obama brand: Niall Stanage
ATF Rolls Into Baltimore to Help Eliminate Their “Gun Violence” Problem: Beth Baumann


“What’s In Your GDP?”: Mitch Berg

Scandal Central

Comey: Thousands of Clinton Emails Were Forwarded to Anthony Weiner: David Rutz
Top Senate Republican: DOJ Must Probe FBI Deputy Director McCabe: Kerry Picket
Comey: FBI closed case after deciding Huma had no ‘intent’ to send classified info to Weiner: Kyle Olson

UC-Berkeley: Promoting Hatred and Terrorism: Sara Dogan
So far in '17, more refugees have entered US than in any of previous 10 years: RRW
5 Texas Border Sheriffs Who Were Linked to Mexican Cartels: Breitbart

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Reducing the Regulatory Burden: Heritage
Did Bill Nye Strategically Edit his 1996 Episode on Gender to Cover His Tracks?: TR


The Death of Facts: Douglas Murray
Limbaugh grills Pence on budget: ‘What is the point of voting Republican?’: Douglas Ernst
Watch: Hannity gets exasperated at Newt Gingrich defending Paul Ryan: Scoop

Female Conservative Suspended, Loses Gig at St. Louis Paper After Pro-NRA Column: Curtis Houck
Two Stories Signal Trump's No Longer Running the Show: InfLib
Bill Maher Says Hillary “Couldn’t Fill the Function Room at the Olive Garden”: Eren Moreno


North Korea says detained U.S. citizen Tony Kim committed “criminal acts of hostility”.: MFS-TON
What Happened When I Watched Too Many ISIS Videos: Clarion
Bill Funds Border Security--in Libya, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Egypt...: CNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘Mating' Robots Take a Fast-Forward Leap in Digital Darwinism: Glenn McDonald
Experts discover 'Christopher Columbus' anchor at Caribbean shipwreck site: James Rogers
Closer to a cure: CRISPR cuts HIV from its cellular hideout: Michael Irving


How the Bill of Rights Were Proposed and Ratified in Less Than Three Years: TN Star
Barack Obama considered pursuing gay relationship when he was in college: DailyMail
Obama unveils first plans for Presidential Center: DailyMail

Image: Basketball's Governing Body Approves the Use of Religious Headgear
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QOTD: "Socialism has a consistent record. Being based on an intelligent man’s two-hundred-years-old erroneous –but at the time not illogical- perceptions and projections, it produces failure in the modern world. The resulting difference between the theory’s stipulations and merciless reality is overcome in two ways.

One is the retreat from fantasy into reality. For the fanatics attracted by creeds that promise to save mankind under their leadership, such a correction of dogmas is impossible. Therefore, what they are left with is to demand from those they had kidnapped, more present sacrifice for the sake of a glorious future. This makes Venezuela’s shot demonstrators are not an “accident”. Those that are awakened to resist, must be eliminated. Thereby the gap between the ideologically postulated “should be” and the existent “is” can be bridged. That is why shooting protesters is not an aberration but a logical, systemic consequence, supported by the testimony of precedents." --George Handlery


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Glad to hear I can wear my (flat) Phylactery now when I play basketball.
I've got it baby, I've got it bad:

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Prepare for ROTFL:

commoncents said...

Straw Poll: Do you approve or disapprove of the US House voting to repeal and replace Obamacare?