Monday, May 08, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: All the ways Trump’s policies are stuck in the swamp

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All the ways Trump’s policies are stuck in the swamp: Examiner
Groups Seek to Undo Obama-Era Land Restrictions: Kevin Mooney
White House faces rough road to deregulation as its favorite tool expires: Sarah Westwood

Why We Don’t Need the GOP Establishment: Thomas M. Kelly
Paxton Says Democratic Attorneys General Are Abusing Their Power: Bill McMorris
Rep. Maxine Waters Named One of the Nation’s Most Corrupt Lawmakers: Melanie Sloan

Texas Governor Signs Anti-Sanctuary Jurisdiction Bill: RWN
Texas Committee Passes Bill to Review, Reject Unconstitutional Federal Acts: C Liberty C
Federal Judge: Don’t Like Trump? Move To Another Country : Andrea Ruth

The End of Diversity: The Z Man
Democracy's decline: Epigone
Maryland's Liberal Double Standard on Rape: Jonathan F. Keiler


Puerto Rico a dire warning for blue states: John Ruberry
Analysis: Health-care plan could launch some ugly political battles in state legislatures: Amber Phillips
Trump vs. Schumer on Taxes: Star Parker

Scandal Central

Nearly Three Million Non-Citizens May Have Voted in The 2008 Election: Lookout
Medical studies are almost always bogus: Susannah Cahalan
Science Doesn’t ‘Rule’ for Bill Nye: Andrew Miiller

Climate, Energy & Regulations

All You Need to Know About the Climate in One Chart: John Hinderaker
EPA Decides To Replace At Least Five Members Of Advisory Board: RWN
‘Climate Change’ Clobbers French Wine Crop: Anthony Watts


Stephanopoulos Fails to Disclose That Health Care Expert Donated to Democrats: Cameron Cawthorne
Sharia-fan Linda Sarsour and Hamas-linked CAIR rep crow over France: Robert Spencer
A timeline of the National Park Service’s Twitter shutdown: Vanessa Nason

Columnist Who Defends NRA Quits After Being Suspended: Herschel Smith
HBO pulling all of its shows off Amazon Prime next year: Danny Zepeda
CBS's ‘Madam Secretary’ Surprises with Pro-Life, Pro-Motherhood Message: Dawn Slusher


Macron wins French presidency: EUObserver
Leaked Document: President Macron Plans Systemic Islamization of France: TruthFeed
Macron is president – but he starts out under a deep cloud of suspicion: Jonathan Miller
50,000 evacuated in Germany over unexploded WWII bombs: AFP

Conservatives Urge Trump To Keep His Promise, Ditch The Paris Climate Agreement: Michael Bastasch
Is a British comedian really facing blasphemy charges in Ireland?: Jazz Shaw
Socialism Works: 'Neutralize' the Riot, Venezuela Prison Minister Told Inmates: InSight Crime

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Lands in Florida After Record-Breaking Secret Mission: Space
Air Force Academy cadet's gravy-like goo is a bullet-stopping marvel: Tin Roeder
Supplement industry flies under the radar, poses deadly risk: MedicalXpress


Goodstuff’s Cyber World, Issue #291: Goodstuff
Recycled Shipping Containers as Backyard Swimming Pools: Sabrina Santos
That Movie Doesn’t End Well: MOTUS

Image: Palestinian leaders teach their children to murder Jews. Don't take my word for it. Watch.
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