Friday, May 12, 2017

STUNNING REPORT: Bizarre and Unprecedented Treatment of Clinton Aides Led to Comey's Dismissal

One of the best, most reliable, and largely unsung real journalists is Bill Gertz of The Washington Free Beacon.

Gertz's stories are unflaggingly accurate and his network of insiders -- over the course of multiple administrations -- is as good as it gets.

With that said, Gertz published an important article this morning. Read the whole thing, but this particular part grabbed me, because it smells like real news. In other words, the opposite of Jake Tapper's odor.

The probe into Clinton's emails revealed that "top secret" information, including some of the nation's most closely guarded information held in what are called Special Access Programs, was transmitted on her private email server. The information included secrets on North Korea's nuclear programs and how the U.S. government targets terrorists for drone strikes.

The president was said to be upset that Comey had granted concessions to witnesses in the email probe that undermined its integrity, the officials said.

For example, two key witnesses, Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, were granted immunity from prosecution. The immunity deals limited searches for evidence and required the FBI to destroy their laptop computers after the computers were searched, potentially eliminating evidence.

Also, FBI questioning of Clinton took place without her being placed under oath and without being recorded, preventing a transcript of the interview from being produced.

Lenient handling of witnesses and evidence in the case was a key factor leading Trump to fire Comey, the officials said.

An article published by Lloyd Billingsley in September of 2016 ('FORMER JUDGE: James Comey Was Determined "To Exonerate Hillary Clinton" and Shred the Rule of Law') seems especially prescient.

In what world are criminal interrogations conducted without recordings, with the key suspect not under oath, and with key subjects permitted to destroy evidence?

That's the world of Jim Comey.

This political hack couldn't have been terminated faster.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Whitehall said...

Where was McCabe in all this? He's the dangerous man now. Trump should have fired him first before removing Comey.

Anonymous said...

I agree I think McCabe is also compromised.