Sunday, May 14, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: The Comey Non-Crisis

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The Comey Non-Crisis: Bob Hager
Attention, liberals: Comey deserved to be fired, and the Constitution is just fine: Richard A. Epstein
The Left Might Be Literally Crazy: Sarah Lee

More states follow Trump's assault on 'sanctuary cities': Alan Gomez
Mexican National Living In GA Has Dreamer Status Revoked For Lying To Police: WZ
Michigan: High school has Sharia-complaint, girls-only prom: Creeping

Eight Lies the MSM Told About Comey Firing: Jeff Dunetz
The Genesis of the Russia Hoax: EIB
Trump: 'I can't talk about' tape recordings of conversations: Daniel Chaitin

Washington Post Goes Down The Moonbat Hole Of Impeachment: William Teach
Behold the Democrats’ Olympic-grade Flip-flops on James Comey: Deroy Murdock
Schumer Calls Senate Democrats To Meeting on Trump, Half Skip It: RWN


Citizenship for Sale: Nicole Gelinas

Scandal Central

Cloud Panopticon: Google, Cloud Computing and the Surveillance-Industrial-Complex: CounterPunch
Pro-life Fresno students sue professor over literal erasure of free speech: Jazz Shaw
Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump: George Neumayr (4/17)

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump shouldn’t give new life to the War on Drugs, That would be a terrible mistake: Nick Sorrentino
Enraged Californians Rebel Against Gov. Moonbeam’s Massive Tax Hike On Cars And Gasoline: WZ


Loony Old Crone Maureen Dowd: Muslim Persecution In U.S. ‘Bigger Problem’ Than ISIS: Kristine Marsh
Question for Ben Rhodes: How many Oval Office conversations did Obama tape?: Twitchy
Heavy metal giants Megadeth cave to Muslim pressure in Malaysia: Creeping

Vox Voxplains Radical Islam As No Threat To Americans Or The West: Megan G. Oprea
Media Forgets Bill Clinton Fired FBI Director One Day Before Vince Foster’s Death: Aces
BBC Drama About Muslim Rape Gang Neglects to Mention Islam: Mark Tapson


Hamza bin Laden offers ‘advice for martyrdom seekers in the West’: LWJ
North Korea test launches ballistic missile, Seoul confirms: Times of Israel
Screwball Matthew Dowd: Muslim Persecution by Christians is a Giant Problem: RWN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

An Alien-Hunting Submarine Is Being Tested in Antarctica: Daniel Oberhaus
Meet Emma, the wearable that helps people with Parkinson’s: David Curry
The Future of Africa through the Eyes of Two Blockchain Devs: Frisco d'Anconia


MAGA: It’s Mother’s Day Not Nanny-State Day: MOTUS
Readers’ Picks For Why Hillary Lost The Election: Jeff Dunetz
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: Mark Steyn

Image: North Korea tests missile, raises new fears in Pacific
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I've read that among those being considered for head of the FBI is Krispy Kreme. My only question is "WHY?!"