Monday, May 29, 2017

Larwyn’s Linx: Has Anyone Ever Leaked So Much To So Little Effect?

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Has Anyone Ever Leaked So Much To So Little Effect?: John Hinderaker
Terrorism Is Not Random : Kevin D. Williamson
Two News Organizations Confirm White House Leakers Have Been Identified: Jeff Dunetz

Memorial Day: Remembering America’s Fallen Heroes: Jeff Dunetz
Mississippi Murder Spree: Sheriff’s Deputy and Seven Others Dead: RWN
The Magnificient Butthurt of #NeverTrump D*bag Bret Stephens: Ace

The blasphemy case against Bret Weinstein, and its lessons for professors: Jonathan Haidt
Eric Clanton charged with four counts of assault with deadly weapon: Berkeleyside
Democrats must start thinking about their theme for the day after Trump: Ron Grossman

Charles Blow Has Utter Meltdown For Memorial Day: RWN
Survey: 60% of Millennials Don't Believe in Right and Wrong: Annie Holmquist
Open Borders Group: 600,000 Illegal Aliens Could Receive Amnesty: John Binder

Scandal Central

The Real Russia-Gate Scandal: Cliff Kincaid
Man Investigating FRAUD Charges Against the DNC Found DEAD: TruthFeed
New lawsuit against Hastert describes attack, intimidation: Kendall County Record

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump already told EPA chief Scott Pruitt the US will exit the Paris climate accord: Report: Daniel Chaitin
US Could Join Syria And Nicaragua As Nonparticipants In Paris Climate Agreement Or Something: RWN


The New Old-Fashioned Way: R.S. McCain
Guy Buys Movie Ticket, Internet Outraged: Jon Gabriel
Shetland: The series so far: John Ruberry


U.K. Security Minister Explains Why They Couldn't Stop Manchester Bomber. It's 'Horrifying.': James Barrett
Europe Fights Back with Candles and Teddy Bears: Giulio Meotti
16th suspect arrested in connection with Ariana Grande concert bombing: DailyMail

Mattis Gives Quote Of The Year When Asked What Keeps Him Awake At Night: Chuck Ross
Salvadoran Officials Overwhelmed by Returning Deported Gang Members: Breitbart
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Female genital mutilation and what we're really talking about : Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Is Boeing's New Missile Too Good for the US Navy?: Rich Smith
We Still Know Very Little About How AI Thinks: Futurism
AI in the Workplace: Augment, Instead of Replacing Humans: James M. Connolly


Memorial Day 2017: MOTUS
The science is settled: Physically weak men tend to be socialists: Cube
IndyCar driver Scott Dixon, retired racer Dario Franchitti robbed at Taco Bell: Scott Gleeson

Image: Memorial Day: Remembering America’s Fallen Heroes
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QOTD: "Sec. of Defense James Mattis, known for his frank quotes about the realities of war, offered up a line befitting his nickname, “Mad Dog,” during an interview airing Sunday.

“What keeps you awake at night?” CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson asked Mattis.

“Nothing,” a stonefaced Mattis responded. “I keep other people awake at night.”" --Chuck Ross

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