Thursday, May 15, 2008

A conversation in the Vice President's office - Feb. 2009

*** Knock Knock***

Enter, g*dd***it!!

Vice President Clinton, the head of the Secret Service detail for Big Cahuna is here to see you. Says it's urgent.

Send 'im in, then! What the hell are you waiting for?

Ma'am - we've got a serious problem. President Obama is missing.

What? When did this happen?

1400 hours --

Speak English. 1400 --- what is that, 11 AM Eastern?

No, ma'am - 2pm.

Shuddup. Anyhow - what happened?

Ma'am, one minute he's standing in the small corridor off the Oval Office kitchenette, the next minute we turned around and he was... was... gone. It's almost like a secret trapdoor opened up and swallowed him whole!

Any fingerprints?

Fingerprints? Err, no...

Any suspects?

Suspects? No, no, not...

Tragic. It's just a tragedy... real crisis.

Ma'am, I think we just need to huddle up with the staff and work on next steps and a communication plan... we've got a search party scouring the lower level...

Oh, good, good.

So... when do I take the oath of office?

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