Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jordanian professor hopes for nuclear suicide bombers

Jordanian university lecturer Dr. Ibrahim 'Alloush (Al-Jazeera TV, May 13, 2008 via MEMRI):

Whoever managed to get a martyrdom-seeker into Dimona armed with conventional explosives should consider...

how to get martyrdom-seekers into Dimona and elsewhere armed with non-conventional explosives and perhaps even small nuclear bombs. We should think in this direction.

The 'revisionist' history site IHR (featuring such luminary crackpots as David Irving) offers the following biography of "Doctor" Alloush.

Ibrahim Alloush is a journalist and university lecturer in Amman, Jordan. A regular columnist for the weekly Jordanian newspaper Assabeel, he is active in the Jordanian Writers and in the Association against Zionism and Racism (AZAR). He is also editor of the Free Arab Voice web site. Dr. Alloush lived for thirteen years in the United States. He earned graduate degrees at Ohio University and Oklahoma State University, where he earned a doctorate in economics. In his student days in America, he supported himself partly by "flipping burgers, mopping floors, and delivering pizza."

These days, Alloush appears to support himself by teaching alternative history:

It should be made clear then that several hundred thousand Jews did die in the Second World War, along with tens of millions of others; that there was no Nazi policy to exterminate the Jews, but rather one of deportation, including deportation to Palestine; and that there were no gas chambers, but instead crematoria, used to incinerate the bodies of those, of all nationalities and religions, who died from all causes, but chiefly disease.

In addition, Alloush appears to be affiliated with "The Adelaide Institute," a revisionist organization that, among other things, helped facilitate Iran's 2006 'Holocaust Conference'.

Featured on the marketing page for the conference: none other than useful idiot Diane Sawyer interviewing a modern-day Hitler.

It all neatly ties together: prayers for a nuclear holocaust in Israel, unchecked immigration, holocaust revisionism, a modern-day Hitler, and a complicit mainstream media.

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