Monday, May 05, 2008

Test your knowledge of Barack Obama!

1: This Obama fundraiser, fellow board member, friend and unapologetic terrorist was photographed in 2001 stomping an American flag for a magazine shoot:

A) Bobby Jindal
B) Marc Dann
C) Mariah Carey
D) William Ayers

2: This member of the Communist Party was an early mentor to Barack Obama:

A) Hervé Villechaize
B) Ernesto "Che" Guevara
C) Oscar de la Renta
D) Frank Davis

3: This Syrian-born politico was one of Barack Obama's first campaign contributors. He was later indicted on charges of wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, and attempted extortion. He was also involved in a shady land deal with Obama that the latter politician subsequently apologized for, calling it "a mistake on my part."

A) Bianca Jagger
B) Hermann Göring
C) "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith
D) Tony Rezko

4: This cousin of Barack Obama is a controversial Kenyan politican who was allegedly involved in a plot to bring extremist Muslim law (Sharia) to Kenya.

A) Dikembe Mutumbo
B) Hakeem Olajuwon
C) Coco the Colon
D) Raila Odinga

5: This terrorist group -- responsible for hundreds of deaths -- explicitly endorsed Barack Obama for President.

A) Islamic Jihad
B) Hezbollah
C) Liberation Army against Freedom and Nachos
D) Hamas

6: Obama's pastor for 20 years, this man's incendiary quotes ("God damn America!"; "America is still the #1 killer in the world."; "We are doing the same thing that Al-Qaeda did with a different flag!"; "The government lied about the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color!"; etc.) badly damaged the politician's campaign.

A) Nick Nolte
B) Al Sharpton
C) Zebediah McFartley
D) Jeremiah Wright

7: This controversial leader of the Nation of Islam endorsed Barack Obama for president despite a troubling history of racism (""White people are potential humans - they haven't evolved yet."; "Hitler was a very great man."; ""Murder and lying comes easy for white people.").

A) Johnny Bench
B) Tonya Harding
C) Hershel "Krusty the Clown" Krustofski
D) Louis Farrakhan

8: This Iraqi-born billionaire was a friend of Saddam, an international fraudster, and business partner to one of Chicago’s premier fixers who gave Obama money to purchase his house. Without these funds, it's unlikely Barack Obama would have been able to purchase his mansion.

A) Nikki Hilton
B) Fudgy the Whale
C) Torquemada
D) Nadmi Auchi

9: One of Obama's 'close religious advisers', this Reverend and Illinois state senator blamed ""Hollywood Jews for bringing us Brokeback Mountain" and actively campaigned to defeat an Illinois LGBT non-discrimination bill.

A) Xzibit
B) Robert Conrad
C) Legendary producer Bruce Dickinson
D) James Meeks

10: This Palestinian propagandist claims that in personal conversations with Barack Obama, the politician expressed support for Palestinians and sympathy for Israel's critics.

A) Markos Moulitas
B) Al "The Tax Man" Franken
C) Irving Berlin
D) Ali Abunimah

* * *

Answers: 1-D. 2-D. 3-D. 4-D. 5-D. 6-D. 7-D. 8-D. 9-D. 10-D.
Key: 7-10 correct answers: Republican. 5-6 correct answers: Independent. 1-4 correct answers: Democrat. 0 correct answers: Progressive.

Hat tips: Audacity of Hypocrisy, RezkoWatch and Savage Politics.
Linked by: Don Surber. Thanks!

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