Monday, May 26, 2008

Fuel prices: a handy guide

Every time you see this:

Remember this:

In Alaska, wildlife is thriving in the current Prudhoe Bay oil field. There, the caribou population has increased by over 900%; conversely, the caribou population in ANWR (with no human interaction other than very limited Indian hunting) has plummeted.

In the Gulf of Mexico, hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed 109 oil platforms with "no loss of life or significant spills from any offshore well on the outer continental shelf."

Despite these facts, Democrats continue to block oil exploration in ANWR and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), where tens of billions of gallons of oil remain untapped. The red areas in the accompanying maps depict "The No Zone." These are the regions surrounding the United States in which Democrats have forbidden any oil exploration.

From the tiny spit of land within the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to the OCS, Democrats have uniformly opposed every form of exploration that would allow us to stop sending our funds overseas and given us the time to transition to clean energy technologies.

In the mean time, Cuba has leased drilling rights to foreign countries, which will permit them to drain the Gulf of Mexico of its oil. For example, Cuba recently granted China drilling rights in the Gulf. And, in fact, China will be drilling within 50 miles of Florida.

The Democrats continue to endanger our economic wellbeing and national security by keeping our vast storehouses of energy off-limits.

Vote accordingly in 2008.

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