Sunday, May 18, 2008

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: We hunt because of economic anxiety

Vanderleun links to this amazing video. Watch it now. I'll wait.

• Gateway Pundit spotlights the support of Hamas and Hezbollah by Obama's church of 20 years. But maybe he was sick all of those days.

Tom Harkin (D-IA) says John McCain, with his history of military service and that of his family, might just be too tight with the military to be President. Coming from a guy who embellished (i.e., made up) his own military record, Harkin's statement is particularly galling. GM Roper and Big Dog shred Harkin's pathetic pronouncement.

• Just a Grunt catches a mysterious news story: "State Representative from Unknown Party Arrested for Fourth Time."

• WKYX AM 570 reports that two protestors were ejected from a massive Bill (oops, I meant Hillary) Clinton rally in Murray, Kentucky. Given the increasing scale of Hillary's loans to her campaign, I'd say that the odds of Peter Paul getting repaid are about the same as Lindsey Lohan getting tagged as Obama's running mate.

CNN covers Karl Rove's speech at the NRA Convention (via PrairiePundit):

You probably didn't know you hunted out of economic anxiety, and if gas was a $1.50 a gallon, you probably wouldn't be hunting... You probably thought you hunted because you enjoyed the outdoors and companionship with family and friends...

We here have news for Barack Obama. The values of those people you diminished are the values of America. And those people don't like getting patronized, or viewed as an alien species, by a fellow who pretends to embody a new kind of politics, and especially by someone who wants to be president not of red states or blue states, but the United States...

It is distracting to say in a Democratic primary when you are trying to cozy up to that an American flag on your lapel is a quote 'substitute' for true patriotism. Belittling all those who care to wear our country's flag, calling them false patriots, and then when you focus on the general election, like this week, start to showing up with an American flag on your lapel again.

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