Sunday, May 04, 2008

North Korean Motivational Posters

One of the world's most closed and secretive countries relies upon motivational posters to keep its citizens energized while they starve. A London exhibition of hand-painted North Korean posters features some unexpected slogans.

* “Let's create a social impetus for enjoying wearing our national dress”
* "Let's grow more sunflowers!”
* "Let's take revenge a thousand times on the US imperialist wolves!"

* "Nobody in the world can defeat us!"
* "Let's expand goat rearing and create more grassland in accordance with the party!"
* "Just as it began, the revolution advances and is victorious, through the barrel of a gun."

* "Let's be invincible in every fight."
* "Let's achieve even more supremacy."
* "Let's make wearing the beautiful and elegant Korean dress a lifestyle."

* "The reunified fatherland is at the tip of our bayonets."
* “Let's breed more high-yielding fish.”
* “In all institutions and workplaces, let's popularise basketball."

* “Let's not forget the blood-drenched hatred!” (regarding The Korean War -- or the Great Fatherland Liberation War -- as it is known in the North)
* "The world turns with Korea as its axis.”
* "Our missile program is a guarantee for world peace and security."

In a world exclusive, Junior Cub Reporter Biff Spackle discovered some other North Korean motivational posters on eBay.

Hat tips: Jammie Wearing Fool and Larwyn

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