Sunday, May 18, 2008

Media bias chickens come home to roost

Can you believe this crap?


This f*****g biased media coverage!

What now?

Tucker Carlson says the media's love of Obama is "9th-grade boy... red-in-the-face... too embarrassed to stand up, ...sealed-with-a-kiss love"! Hey, Tucker, if it lasts more than four hours, you know what to do!

And Brian Williams slobbered through another interview with Obama... didn't ask one tough question. "How does this feel, of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity?" And then he holds up the new Time cover with a smiling Obama on the cover...

And CNN! Our network! Wolf Blitzer lobbed even more softballs at Obama! On for half an hour, and not one question about that crackpot Wright... and he holds up the cover of Time, too!

Even Ann Curry -- that gender traitor! -- she interviews the savior and asks him "Beatles or the Rolling Stones?" and shows him "flirting" with voters...

And Chris Ballhard -- I mean Hardball -- Matthews said he "felt this thrill going up my leg" whenever Obama speaks...

...David Shuster says that I "pimped out" Chelsea.

This media bias is...

The phone's ringing... pick it up, Bill!

This media bias is completely, completely, out of cont-- G*******t, get the f*****g phone, Bill!!!

Got it... babe, the call's for you.


Who is this?

(Singing) How does it feel??? How does it feel???

***SLAM!!!*** Dammit, it was that prank caller again!

Check the f*****g caller ID next time, you Arkansas hilljack!

Hat tips: The Anchoress, Newsbusters and Larwyn.

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