Monday, November 21, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Democrat Party nightmare

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Democrats' nightmare: Byron York
Freakout by Elizabeth Warren: Paul Mirengoff
Howard Dean: Steve Bannon is a Nazi: Joel Pollak

The Grey Champion Assumes Command, Part Two: Jim Quinn
Chuck Schumer: We Are Not Going To Help Trump `Build His Wall': DownTrend
Obama may help lead Democratic resistance to Trump: Hot Air

San Antonio Officer Assassinated By Black Lives Matter Terrorist: Bob Owens
2nd Cop Ambush Today: St. Louis Police Sergeant Shot In The Face: WZ
Police Officer Shot in Sanibel, Florida – 3rd Ambush Shooting Today: GWP

FBI Issues Terror Attack Warning For Thanksgiving And The Inauguration: RWN
Obama offers his typical class on criticizing his successor: RCP
Scalia’s Final Vote: SCOTUS vacancy loomed large in election: John O. McGinnis


An optimistic view of bot driven automation on the future of jobs: Denis Pombriant
Trump considering Blackstone boss for Treasury: report: The Hill
McDonald’s on $15 Minimum Wage, U.S. Stores To Be Automated: Jeff Dunetz

Scandal Central

DHS And Obama Shut Down Vital Aerial Surveillance Program On The Border: RWN
The Electoral College Is in Play: AmPower
Stunning: Donations to the Clinton Foundation have tanked since the election: Scoop

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Photos and Video: Approximately 400 #NoDAPL Protesters Riot on Backwater Bridge: SAB


The Actual Fake News Sites: ACC
Media insanity over Trump win continues: John Ruberry
The mainstream media is preparing to wage war on Ivanka Trump: Adam Garrie

‘You’re all damn hypocrites!’ Judge Jeanine rips into ‘Hamilton’ cast: Tom Tillison
No, Reince Didn’t Advocate for a National Muslim Registry: Kemberlee Kaye
Another Media Meme Destroyed: Trump's Turnout Operation Was Groundbreaking: NB

Thank you big algorithm in the sky for these election reaction videos: LI
It’s a cult: Obama is ‘our Jesus Christ’: Twitchy
Ingraham Eviscerates Juan Williams For Calling Trump’s Picks a “Team Of Radicals” : RWN


Caroline Glick, Oleg Atbashian and the War on Israel on Campus: Daniel Greenfield
Trump admin likely to release Obama's Iran Deal secrets: Scoop
Erekat compares Israel to ISIS: Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tesla shows what its self-driving cars see while on the road: Verge
How the blockchain will radically transform the economy: TED
Programmers confess unethical, illegal tasks asked of them: Insider


The Wikileaks Pizzagate (Podesta, Clinton, Obama & Comet Ping Pong): H4P
Secret Service wary of Mattis having plan to kill everyone he meets at Trump Tower: DuffelBlog
LI Trump Supporter Loses 100 Facebook Friends, Including Best Man: CBS-NY

Image: Photos and Video: Approximately 400 #NoDAPL Protesters Riot on Backwater Bridge
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Interest on the national debt was $433 billion in FY16. That colossal amount was with a near record low weighted interest rate of 2.2%. In case you haven’t noticed the 10 Year Treasury rate has skyrocketed from 1.32% in July to 2.36% today. A 1% increase in rates across the yield curve will result in a 50% increase in interest on the national debt to $650 billion. Soc Gen’s Albert Edwards believes the current bond route could drive the 10 Year Treasury rate to 3.25%. That would blow a hole in our annual deficits. Isn’t leverage great?" --Jim Quinn


JoeKidd said...

President Obama shares responsibility for the increase in ambush-style attacks on our police officers. After all, as a candidate, he knowingly marched and shared a podium with radicals who had already openly called for killing cops.
And his words and actions these last eight years signaled his intent to continue keeping our law enforcement officers in the crosshairs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links, JoeKidd.

Also, on Jeff Sessions - Black Republicans approve.