Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Washington Post Hopes Trump Fails; Soros Prepares for War; California Jumps the Shark

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Washington Post Hopes Trump Fails: William Teach
Soros Prepares For Trump War: Christian Datoc
California Jumps the Shark: Joel Kotkin

The Electoral College Is Brilliant: Robert Curry
Democrats: Vicious, Violent, Anti-Democratic: John Hinderaker
Liberal Derision Helps Explain Why They Lost: William Teach

1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on deportation hit list: Paul Bedard
Hey, you know who might make a great Homeland Security chief?: Jazz Shaw
Light Sentences for 2 of 3 ISIS Conspirators in Minnesota: Tammy Bruce

Hillary Clinton reportedly got physically violent on election night: Jim Hoft
Kasich Staff Had ‘Come To Jesus’ Meeting After Election: Kerry Picket
Man Criminalized By NJ Gun Laws Finally Becomes Cop: Gabriella Hoffman


To Save Obamacare, the President Plots a Massive Bailout of Health Insurers : NRO
The SEIU gets smacked down in Texas yet again: Jazz Shaw
Childcare Costs Skyrocket After Minimum Wage Hike Passes: KXLY

Trump's Election Raises Visa Concerns for IT Services Firms: Andrew Lange
Latest EB-5 Disaster in S.D. Reads Like an Article from the Onion: David North
Rank And File Union Members In Rust Belt Propelled Trump To White House: Ted Goodman

Scandal Central

Soros, Pelosi and Warren meet with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’: Twitchy
Clinton Supporters Harassing Electors To Change Their Votes: WZ
Hillary Was Cheated by the Electoral College: Brent Smith


CBS News under fire for holding clip of Trump telling supporters not to attack minorities: Hill
CNN Goes Bonkers Over Bannon: Mark Finkelstein
The Smearing of Steve Bannon: Jeffrey Lord (8/16)

The Left Freaks Out Over Ken Blackwell, Trump’s Domestic Transition Team Leader: Jay Caruso
Spare Me the Terrified Jewish Sermons About Steve Bannon: Bethany Mandel
Here's What the Anti-Trump Safety Pin Means, Beside Pinning Their Diapers: IJR

Stewardship Fail – PepsiCo CEO Tells Trump Supporters to Take Their Business Elsewhere: Treehouse
An Open Letter to Google: Herschel Smith
BBC Continues Lying to Britons: Media Guido


Leaked memo: how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilise Russia: TheDuran
Trump is the Best Thing That Has Happened to Israel in Years: Spengler
Trump Looks to Ban the Muslim Brotherhood: Leo Hohmann

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Aurora: Homeland Security's secret project to change how we think about cybersecurity: MuckRock
Who is the Best Programmer of our Time?: Quora
Amazon promises to change its 'Hunger Games' employee review process: Julie Bort


These Obama/Biden Memes are the Best Thing on the Post-Election Internet: Kemberlee Kaye
Photos: Supermoon around the world: Trib
The Stupid Cow Theory: MOTUS

Image: Disturbing Infographic Lays Out Damning Evidence of Podesta Case
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund


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Anonymous said...

... and Mrs. Robinson walks away from 8 years of taking care of the Moose's chillun with a 160K yearly pension. I struggled to make my business simply survive hoping to be the last man standing, that it might pay off in the end. And this bit rides AF 1, gets room, board, and vacations on my dime. If only I had chosen to work on the Obama plantation, if only.
The plantation he made for us though is modeled after a Florida businessman and compensation was called a "Watson Payday". When you were done working he disposed of you and kept his money.
The President Unelect needs to get the hell out of the way.