Thursday, November 03, 2016

LEVIN: Did Obama violate the Espionage Act by communicating classified information on Hillary's server?

By Chris Pandolfo

On his radio program Thursday, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin delivered tomorrow’s news today as he explained how President Obama is now implicated in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

We now know, Levin said, that Obama “corresponded with Hillary Clinton on his specially secured Blackberry phone.” This means that the president of the United States communicated classified discussions via Hillary Clinton’s private email server — the same unsecured email server that mishandled classified information and was assuredly hacked by foreign governments.


And so, Levin explained, there are some simple questions that the media need to ask the commander in chief. 

“Did Barack Obama violate the Espionage Act?”

“Did Barack Obama communicate with Hillary Clinton classified information through unsecured processes?”

And if so, “could this be one of the reasons Obama is campaigning so aggressively for Hillary Clinton?”

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commoncents said...

Republicans have a secret weapon - do this if you want to WIN the election next week!