Sunday, November 13, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Blue Nation Protesters Do the Bidding of the Elites

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Blue Nation Protesters Do the Bidding of the Elites: Christian Mercenary
Anti-Trump Protesters and Their Five 'Demands': Rick Moran
Federal Immigration Officers Celebrate Trump’s Victory: BuzzFeed

Poor Liberals: You have Nobody to Blame but Yourselves: David Penner, Dissident Voice
Philadelphia may be ground zero in the coming battle over sanctuary cities: Jazz Shaw
As Usual 'Not My President' Protests Exemplify Why The Left Is Guilty: Tiffany Gabbay

Before we get too ahead of ourselves declaring Democratic Party dead...: Ace
What Donald Trump did for Police working at violent protests: Frank Lea
Michael Wolff: Trump Exposed Media as Smug Incompetents: Ace

You'll never guess who Hillary Clinton blames for her loss: NYT
Is a Muslim from the Midwest set to take over the Democratic National Committee?: LAT
Senate Republicans Ran Ahead of Trump Almost Everywhere: John McCormack

Scandal Central

Liberal bullies try forcing Electoral College into submission: RWN
NavyJack – Operation HYPO: Infiltrating Violent Protests Against the President Elect: Oathkeepers

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump’s Looking For Quickest Way Out Of Paris Climate Accord: RWN


How Jon Stewart And ‘The Daily Show’ Elected Donald Trump: Mollie Hemingway
Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press: Will Rahn
Trump Win Exposes Media's Smug Failures: Michael Wolff, Hollywood Reporter

CNN still pushing fake story about Muslim attacked by Trumpsters: RWN
The advertising decisions that helped doom Hillary Clinton: Jim Tankersley
Gallup: Trump Supporters "Excited" and "Relieved," Hillary Supporters "Afraid": LI


Obama agrees to take in 1,800 Muslim welfare seekers who were rejected by Australia: BNI
Now Mexican President WILLING To Negotiate About Border Wall: Onan Coca
George Soros Exposed as Money Behind Anti-Trump Protests: Pamela Geller

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Watch the largest supermoon in 68 years: Jon Fingas
The surveillance economy has 67 days to disarm before Trump is sworn in: BoingBoing
Mondo’s collectible figures place infinite details onto your desktop: Ars Technica


Have a Cupcake and Suck It Up: MOTUS
Crisis? NFL Considering Reducing Commercial Time During Games: Ace
“In case you didn’t know, it was completely by chance.”: MOTUS

Image: Federal Immigration Officers Celebrate Trump’s Victory
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Another deportation officer working on the southern border said he hopes Trump will end the "catch-and-release" approach. Right now "I feel like I'm not even working for immigration, I feel like I'm working for a travel agency," he said. "Welcome to America, here's your bus ticket, now go on your way."" --Kendall Taggart

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Anonymous said...

Funny, how Kate Brown the lesbo Guvernator of Oregon can have Finnicum killed on direct order yet have nothing to say when protestors funded by Soros tear up the town. I'm sure there are native american bones somewhere under Portland that warrant immediate action from her... that's the way leftists roll isn't it?