Thursday, November 24, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Keith Ellison’s Student Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Police Activism

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Keith Ellison’s Student Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Police Activism: NoisyRm
9/11 mastermind: Al Qaeda favors ‘immigration’ to defeat US: Mark Hensch
D.C. power-player tied to Podesta blasts ‘insane’ claims of sex-trafficking: Times

Democrats Are in for a Rough Ride: Ashe Schow
Trump Says He Won't Take Clinton Investigations Off the Table: Insider
Trump Wins Michigan by 10,704 Votes; Closest Race in Great Lake History: PPD

No, Hacking Did Not Cost Hillary Three Swing States: Mary Chastain
You may not be interested in identity politics: Vox Popoli
NY Times Trots Out An “Oh Woe is Me” Strawman On Illegal Immigration: RWN

Mexican Cement CEO: I’ll Help Trump Build His Border Wall: RWN
Leftists plan to disrupt Chicago Black Friday shopping again: Marathon
Reddit CEO Admits Editing Users’ Comments in Pizzagate Uproar: William Hicks


How socialism failed in Puritan Plymouth: Maggie's Farm
Illinois’ billions: Pension debt and unpaid bills total more than $140B: Illinois Policy
Sarah Silverman Admits She Made Up a Wage-Gap Story, Then Calls Critics ‘Maniacs’ : NRO

Scandal Central

Two-time deportee arrested in killing of Florida sheriff's deputy: Mirror
Benghazi and Hillary's Defeat: Elise Cooper
CEO of Reddit confessed to modifying posts from Trump supporters: Insider

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Crackdown on “Politicized Science”: NASA Climate Division to be Stripped of Funding: Eric Worrall


An Obituary of The New York Times: Johannes Wahlstrom
A Night to Remember: Ann Coulter
Patterns in Trump's vote in swing states are well-explained by demographics—not hacking:: 538

The Fake Epidemic of Fake News: A. Barton Hinkle
Mainstream Media Calls Real News “Fake” Because Their Narrative Is Collapsing: RoK
Let Me Set You Straight, Snowflake: Shot in the Dark

Losers on the Left: Steyn
Breaking! Trump Issues Thanksgiving Address and It's Viral: RSW
The ADL’s Praise of Keith Ellison Betrays Its Mission to Combat Antisemitism: Morton A. Klein


France on the Verge of Total Collapse: Guy Millière
A Word To The Criminal Migrant: Pat Condell
Welcome to France: Muslims set fire to 26 cars in upscale neighborhood of Paris: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Indium Selenide Takes on the Mantle of the New Wonder Material: IEEE
Google’s AI watched thousands of hours of TV to learn how to read lips better than humans: TNW
US auto industry installed 135,000 robots and added 230,000 jobs: Frank Tobe


#PizzaGate, Clinton & Podesta: What is it, and is it Credible?: ACELOEWGOLD
FBI Insider: Clinton Staff Linked To Madeleine McCann Disappearance: Ray Starmann
Paint It Black: Luna

Image: Trump Wins Michigan by 10,704 Votes; Closest Race in Great Lake History
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Unknown said...

with an estimated 3m fraudulent votes from multiple voting and dead peeps I doubt she has any real popular vote lead at all

Anonymous said...

Doug - I am your biggest supporter and enjoy your site for years. I was a bit disappointed that you did not approve my comment the other day that involved 'Pizza Gate' etc and I stated that the abduction of 3 yrs old Madeleine McCann in 2007 - while on vacation in Portugal with the family involved sketches made based on witnesses seen that night. The sketches matched the Podesta Brothers to this day.
Today on your compilation you have the FBI validating my comment from the other day involving this little girl abducted back then - also involving the Podesta Bros as stated in my comment.
I just thought to bring it up although I understand your caution - but as you see, I did not spread unfounded conspiracies.

directorblue said...

I didn't see the comment. Sometimes Google's anti-spam filtering kicks in and I have no say in it. I'll look for it in the spam filter box, but at first blush it doesn't appear. Thx, Doug

Anonymous said...

Tinkerandmike Britt (1st comment above) are correct

Anonymous said...

Cautionary to the recount efforts of the unhinged and perpetually freaked out Left: Beware what you wish for.