Sunday, March 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Devin Nunes Shock Claim on Russia Investigation: There Is Evidence Of Collusion

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Nunes Shock Claim on Russia Probe: There Is Evidence Of Collusion: Nick Givas
Judge Jeanine Pirro Interviews Lee Zeldin and Ron Desantis: CTH
Time For a Pep Talk: Vachel Lindsay

Trump may use pardon to highlight Hillary's national security crimes: Thomas Lifson
Chairman Devin Nunes Interview With Neil Cavuto: CTH
Release the Florida School Shooting Surveillance Videos: Michelle Malkin

The Constitution Didn’t Fail The People. It Was The Opposite: Jazz Shaw
Disarm! No, Your Move: Bill Buppert
Speech on Guns by VA Senate Candidate Causes Democrat Walk-Out, Goes Viral: GWP


Trump Unfazed By EU Tariff Threat — Bring On The Trade War!: Saagar Enjeti
Donald Trump “The Change Agent”: CTH
"Nuclear Option" In Global Trade Wars: Dumping US Treasuries---But Will They?: ZH

Scandal Central

Part 2: The Harmon Wilfred Matter: Clinton Foundation CIA Covert Corruption & Canada: ArtVoice
Democrat Party's insane proposal for a new bailout for pensions: massive debt: Democrat Leader
Obama State Dept. Provided Classified Records to Sen. Ben Cardin to Undermine Pres. Trump: JW


Twitter suspends user for calling Maxine Waters 'crazy old lying lunatic in a bad wig': Mirror
Jeanine Pirro: Jeff Sessions 'lost his prosecutorial balls': Katie Leach
Ex-GOP Rep: 'I Met With AG Sessions to Get Fast & Furious Documents and He Said No': GWP


The Increasingly Mysterious U.S. -vs- Russia Battle at Deir Ezzor in Syria: CTH
Democrats Visit Mass-Murderer Raul Castro to Denounce President Trump's Policies: Humberto Fontova
Chinese Billionaire Routing Aluminum Through Mexico to Avoid Tariffs.: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Stephen Hawking Says He Knows What Happened Before the Big Bang: Brandon Specktor
Mapping the World's Most Valuable Brands in 2018: HowMuch
Bitcoin Enters Bull Market as Dominance Index Surges Above 40%: NewsBTC


Gaming the lottery was this couple's retirement plan: Lottery Post
Contradictions in Seth Rich Murder Continue to Challenge Hacking Narrative: ZH
How to Criticize a Political Opponent Using List Persuasion: Scott Adams
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