Sunday, March 11, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Want to know how Sessions and Trump are defeating the shadow coup plotters?

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How Sessions and Trump are defeating the shadow coup plotters: Stealth Jeff
A New Look At Obama Administration’s Response to Russian Cyberattacks: J.E. Dyer
DeSantis: Indictments Could Come Fast If FISA Warrant Probe Happens: NewsMax

WaPo: Keith Ellison Has Been Lying About His Relationship With Farrakhan: John Sexton
Susan Rice let the Russians interfere — and now she’s ‘covering up’: Chris Pandolfo
Pardoned Sailor Says Obama DOJ Used Him As A Hillary ‘Scapegoat’: DC

MS-13 ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed: Michael E. Miller
So The Democrats Have Decided To Run On Abolishing ICE: Jazz Shaw
Gun Confiscation Begins in Illinois: Daniel John Sobieski


Broke-Ass Baltimore Finds Money To Pay Lawyers For Illegal Aliens: Jazz Shaw
U.S. Treasury: Federal Debt $88.9 Trillion, Average of $704K Per Household: Tyler O'Neil
Coffee shop under fire for refusing to serve police officers: Fox

Scandal Central

FBI Interviewed Uranium One Informant in Clinton Foundation Investigation: Sara Carter
Terry McAuliffe’s ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scam Goes Bust: Haelena Bondi-Camacho
California Sanctuary Laws May Have Led to 5,000 Crimes by Freed Criminal Illegal Aliens: Breitbart


Mark Levin Rips Into 'Praetorian Guard Media' for Protecting Obama Unmasking, Spying: Tim Graham
CNN anchor: Trump ‘would be going down as a great president’: Rob Eno
Thomas Massie Warning On Gun Control: WeaponBlog

Conservative Activists Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone Detained in UK for Political Beliefs: GWP
CNN Stops Updating Trump Job Tracker After Record Growth: Joe Simonson
Gush vs. Gloom: Ideologues have different views on Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un: Ed Craig


The Utter Shame of Obama’s Iran Deal: Tony Thomas
Iranian Supreme Leader Joins Democrats, Demands Americans Disarm: Adam Kredo
The coming war: There is a feeling of calm before the storm here in Israel.: Yochanan Visser

Mutti’s Latest Victim: 14-Year-Old Keira Gross, Murdered in Lichtenberg: GoV
Tommy Robinson Attacked By Left Wing Extremists: Vlad Tepes
Culture-Enriching Lapidation in Ventimiglia: GoV

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Calls For Return Of Net Neutrality Are Hypocrisy At Its Worst: Jesse Hathaway
Facebook Suspends Blogger Over Three-Year-Old Post Mocking Palestinian Terrorists: LI
MoviePass CEO proudly says the app tracks your location before and after movies: TechCrunch


#SooperSunday: DST Edition, and I’m Feeling Cranky: MOTUS
Strassel: Can the Swamp Be Drained?: C&S
Meanwhile, in Hell’s winter olympics locker room: Sondrakistan

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