Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-Up

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Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-Up: Lee Smith
If Mueller didn't charge Flynn or Manafort with collusion, then who colluded?: Byron York
Trump Hires ex-US Attorney Who Said President Was "Framed" By FBI: Tyler Durden

Planning For OIG Release – President Trump Hires Joe diGenova: CTH
Why Didn’t DOJ Release IG Report On McCabe Before Firing Him?: Hot Air
The Drive-Bys Lied, McCabe Didn’t Lose His Pension: EIB

DC Democrat ‘Apologizes’ For Blaming Snow on ‘Jews Controlling Climate’: Shifra
In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state: LAT
UCF Muslim Tries To Get Student Expelled For Refusing To Wear Hijab: Rob Shimshock

McCabe Is Fired, and Our Political Class Beclowns Itself, Once Again: David French
Mark Levin explains why Comey and McCabe are dirty cops!: Scoop
Student Assaulted for Pro-2A Views, Then Suspended for Defending Himself: Matt Margolis


Our debt has mounted to dangerous levels: Times
Fallen Bridge At FIU Funded By Obama-Era Program With Sketchy Review Protocol: Matt Vespa

Scandal Central

Why, How, Who – The “Big Picture” in Video Summary: CTH
The bad news is the swamp is deeper than we knew: Don Surber
The FBI's Blood Feud: "This Is Going To Get A Lot Uglier Before It's Over": Tyler Durden

Jim Jordan: Why did DOJ hide Strzok's link to federal judge?: Fox
Devin Nunes Discusses Andrew McCabe Firing: CTH
House GOP will subpoena FBI for missing Hillary Clinton documents: FoxBiz


Comey Cashes In: The Book Tour And Television Appearances, Too: Karen Townsend
WaPo Fact Checks Trump’s “Comey Lied” Tweet With Predictable Results: Jazz Shaw
Kroger stops selling magazines featuring assault rifles: USA Today

Meet The Data "Guru" Who Said He Created Steve Bannon’s ‘Psychological Warfare MindF***’ Tool’: Matt Vespa
Ex-Obama Campaign Director Claims Facebook Allowed Data Mining: IJR
Dianne Feinstein wants Cambridge Analytica to testify before Senate Judiciary: Kelly Cohen

Rand Paul denounces 'disgraceful' ex-CIA chief Brennan over anti-Trump tirade: Joseph Weber
Hillary Clinton: "I meant no disrespect" with Trump voter comments: Mallory Shelbourne
Dan Bongino Rips Hypocrite Andrew McCabe: ‘Spare Us The Crocodile Tears About A Corrupted Process’: DC


State Department approved anti-Trump articles by pro-Iran deal official: Jordan Schachtel
The London police now have a firm definition of thought-crime Mar: Jon Rappoport
Britain 'four meals away from anarchy' if cyber attack takes out power grid: Ben Farmer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Oh, Great. Now We Have To Worry About Child Sex Robots: Jazz Shaw
Users are recognizing Facebook is 'not the fun and games, innocent place they thought it was': CNBC
Meet Hillary Clinton’s Other, Much More Powerful and Shadowy Oppo Research Firm: Mark Tapscott


If you like fantasy maps, spend some time looking at New Orleans. What is going on?: James L. Sutter
Blizzard Forces Esports Player Jay Won to Delete Pepe the Frog Birthday Tweet: Ethan Ralph
Monday Moanin’ - Gotta’ Nuke Something!: MOTUS

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QOTD: "The Department of Justice's Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) recommended to Attorney General Jeff Sessions that Dep. FBI Director Andrew McCabe be fired. Sessions did so, on the eve of McCabe's retirement.

It should be noted that the heads of the OIG and OPR were appointed by President Obama and Robert Mueller, respectively.

What's more, the OIG and OPR are independent apparatuses whose credibility has never come into question by either side of the political aisle.

Yet despite the objective nature of the recommendation to fire McCabe, team Obama members like Samantha Power and former CIA Director John Brennan are threatening President Trump over the decision." --Dr. Sebastian Gorka

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