Saturday, March 31, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Why AG Sessions declined to appoint a special counsel

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Why AG Sessions declined to appoint a special counsel: Thomas Lifson
Jonathan Turley on Stunning Power of DOJ IG and Federal Prosecutor Huber: CTH
Transparency Within Two Factions of DOJ and FBI Political “Small Group”: CTH

Stand for Laura Ingraham and a Free Press: Jeffrey Lord
We Must Stop the Leftist Crackpots From Indoctrinating Our Children: FPM
Counting Real Citizens May Shift Power From Coasts to Flyover Country: John Binder

Parkland Students Bullied Shooter: Jeffrey Lord
NJ imam trains imams not to get caught praying for genocide of Jews: JihadWatch
Jury Foreman: Despite Not Guilty, We were convinced Pulse shooter wife did know: CTH

Constitution Compels Sessions Dismiss Mueller From Non-Campaign Cases: Robert Barnes
U.S. Attorney John Huber, tapped to probe FBI, appointed by Obama: Victor Morton
Obama Judges: Cross Monument Honoring WWI Dead ‘Unconstitutional’: Hank Berrien

Scandal Central

Deal or No Deal – There’s a Transparency Within Two Factions of DOJ and FBI Political “Small Group”: CTH
The FBI's outrageous handling of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen : Tammy Bruce
The Firestarter: What Happens When the Government Lies About You in Court?: Joel Engel


Study: Schools Have Gotten Safer: Charles Fain Lehman
Obama 3/30/10 vs Trump 3/30/18: R. Wolfe
Family Security Matters says good-bye: FSM


'Satan 2' nuclear missile again test-launched by Russia, as Putin brags of 'invulnerable' arsenal: Greg Norman
Trump taunts arms race with Putin as Russia tests ICBM: Alex Lockie
Don't worry, the US would win a nuclear war with Russia: Tom Rogan

Palestinian Government Still Paying Terrorists With U.S. Taxpayer Funds, Defying U.S. Law: Adam Kredo
Horror on streets of Germany: State of emergency declared as 80 men brawl with machetes: Express
Sharia Canada: Police Investigating After Ex-Muslim Rips Qur’an: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook Data Scandal Delays Home Speaker Debut at Annual Developer Conference: Nate Church
Lockheed Martin Now Has a Patent For Its Potentially World Changing Fusion Reactor: The Drive
Terrifying robot spider can roll up into a ball and somersault towards you: Shivali Best


When Easter Week and The Final Four Collide: MOTUS
Author Detained By FBI, Interrogated and Subpoenaed to Testify in Mueller Special Counsel: GWP
#FOTUSFRIDAY: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: MOTUS

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