Thursday, March 15, 2018

MARK LEVIN: Russians wanted Hillary Clinton to be President and Adam Schiff is their Number One Shill

By Mark Levin

Democrat Adam Schiff is a shill of the Russian government and I'm going to tell you why. It is Schiff who is a propagandist for the Russian government despite his spinning on all these left-wing TV shows.

He put out a list of 30 more interviews he wants to do even though the Republicans on the committee said there's no collusion. And he mentions a long list -- Reince Priebus, Stephen Miller, K. T. McFarland, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, a bunch of consultants, people with the Trump Organization, some of Trump's lawyers. Somebody that runs a group, Christian right activists. Of course he wants Donald Trump Jr. to kick around. He wants Jared Kushner to kick around. Family members. On and on and on.

Let me tell you who he doesn't want. Let me tell you who this shill for Russia doesn't want. He doesn't want Hillary Clinton. He didn't say we should subpoena Hillary Clinton even though it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that laundered money through a law firm in this Fusion GPS to do what? To corroborate and collude with the Russians with their phony dossier. He didn't ask for a single Hillary Clinton campaign official. Why is that, Mr. Schiff?

We know they colluded!

He didn't ask for the former head of the DNC. I don't know if that was Wasserman Schultz or Donna Brazile, he doesn't want to subpoena them and question them. Where did their money come from? That money that they laundered through that law firm to Fusion GPS to the Russians. That's something he doesn't want to talk about. I've got more.

Barack Obama. How could it possibly be that the president of the United States under whom all this occurred, Donald Trump is a candidate, Donald Trump is a victim. His family was victimized. Barack Obama was president of the United States when the Russians were interfering with our election. Don't we the American people want to hear from Barack Obama in an open committee hearing? Well, Mr. Shill-for-the-Russians Schiff, he doesn't. What about Loretta Lynch and her role on the FISA warrants as Attorney General? She's not on his list. Neither are other senior Justice Department officials in the Obama administration.

What about these FISA court judges who even now know as a matter of fact that what was presented to them, to issue a warrant against an American citizen was materially false because it omitted everything I just told you about in the dossier?

Now, what else is Mr. Schiff not interested in? He's not interested Uranium One, he doesn't make a single request for a witness or a subpoena. 20% of America's uranium is now controlled by Vladimir Putin because Schiff is a shill for Putin in my view. What else doesn't he want? He doesn't want to hear Bill Clinton testify who got money from the Russians to give speeches around the same time. He doesn't want anyone from the Clinton Foundation to testify, any of the senior officials. That foundation made a fortune off the Russians.

Who else doesn't he want to testify? He doesn't want senior lawyers at this law firm Perkins Coie, that keeps popping up through which money was laundered to Fusion GPS and then to the British ex-spy and then to the Russians to put this dossier together. He doesn't want Susan Rice back. Why doesn't he want Susan Rice back? There's a new book out that says Susan Rice objected to the cybersecurity personnel and the White House who said, 'Hey, Susan, the Russians are interfering with our election.'

And you know what she told them? Stand down.

Shouldn't Susan get another invitation with a subpoena to testify before the committee? Apparently not Because Mr. Schiff is a shill. Who else? What about Ben Rhodes, the deputy director of the National Security Council? Doesn't Mr. Schiff want to know what the Obama National Security Council knew about Russian interference in our government? No. He doesn't mention her at all.

Now, let me tell you something. Mr. Schiff is not interested in the abuses of the FISA application process. He's not interested in what the FISA court did. He's not interested in the fact that American citizens were spied on and their names were unmasked. He doesn't ask for any witnesses related to that. None whatsoever.

I will tell you this, Mr. Schiff, you are a leaker. You sit on the House Intelligence Committee and because you are on the committee it ought to be called the 'House Stupid Committee.' You are the ranking Democrat on the committee. You said you didn't leak. I have a challenge for you, Mr. Schiff, why don't you take a lie detector test so the American people can be sure that you, all over TV, ubiquitous, you might as well be on airport radar and sonograms. You're everywhere, sir. And you tell us you don't leak, okay. Take a lie detector test because I believe you do.

Comey leaked, FBI director. Deputy FBI director McCabe, leaker. James Clapper, according to a new book, National Intelligence Director, leaker. According to their own texts, Mr. [Peter] Strzok, head of counterintelligence, leaker. His girlfriend, [Lisa] Page, leaker.

This has been a sham from day one. Why the hell would the Russians want Donald Trump as president of United States? You think they like him now? When under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and under Barack Obama, they got Crimea, part of the Ukraine, they've got a big chunk of Syria, they've got 20% of our uranium. Why the hell would Vladimir Putin want Donald Trump as president of the United States when he promised to beef up the United States military and do all the things necessary to secure this nation?


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Miles said...

Another damning claim about a seditious and anti-American president was just revealed.

The FBI was ordered to remove over half a million wanted felons from the NICS database that prevents felons from being able to purchase firearms. This was just revealed yesterday in a Senate Judiciary Hearing.

Previously, over 600,000 felons were released from prison before their parole date, many of them violent drug dealers who were convicted of illegal firearms being used in commission of a federal crime.

Before that, Barack Obama had secretly sent thousands of illegal firearms to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in the deaths of over 300 people, including one of America's border patrol agents.

This was all done in an attempt to create more gun violence that would "force" the government to react by striking at the Second Amendment.

Democrats are anti-Americans. They must never again be allowed a position of authority in the United States, lest we lose our Constitutional rights as citizens by enemies that manufacture seditious lies.