Monday, March 19, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: McCabe Firing Shows Evidence of IG and Outside Prosecutor Working Together

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McCabe Firing Shows Evidence of IG and Outside Prosecutor Working Together: CTH
Time for the new Untouchables: Robert Zaft
Footnote #5 – DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr Interviewed 12 Times By FBI Investigators: CTH

Let's go over some basics about the OPR and the high bar for termination: TracyBeanz
Trump's lawyer tries to calm fears that president will fire Robert Mueller: Kyle Feldscher
In 2017, McCabe’s Attorney welcomed Internal Probe Of McCabe: Sean Davis

Now Indict McCabe: Don Surber
Adam Schiff: Andrew McCabe's firing 'may be justified': Kyle Feldscher
Nitwit Lindsey Graham calls for Senate Judiciary hearing on McCabe firing: Brett Samuels

Conor Lamb's 18th District win was a Pyrrhic victory: Charlie Gerow
US: Large Numbers of Radicalized Kids Like Florida Teen: Clarion
Another package bomb: 2 injured in explosion in Austin, Texas neighborhood: Exam

Officials wanted shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz committed in 2016: Fox
Trump to seek death penalty for some drug traffickers to fight opioids: Samuel Chamberlain
What We Know, and Don’t Know, About the Firing of Andrew McCabe: LawFare

Scandal Central

Prequel – Reminder of The ‘Big Picture’ in Summary: CTH
Levin: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is a ‘saboteur’ running cover for the Democrats!: Phil Shiver
Judge warns Michael Flynn to cooperate with prosecutors for lighter sentence: Steven Nelson (12/1/17)


Mark Levin blasts the media for pushing McCabe’s “insane narrative”: Scoop
Nancy Pelosi Wants to Lead. More Democratic Candidates Want Her Out: NYT
D.C Lawmaker Trayon White Accuses the Jews of Controlling the Weather: Aussie Dave


DHS/Fusion Centers Co-Opted To Spy On Patriots Concerned About Islam: Leo Hohmann
England’s Assisted Suicide: Jim Goad
France: Toward Total Submission to Islam, Destruction of Free Speech: Guy Millière

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

U.S. and British lawmakers demand answers from Facebook chief Zuckerberg: WaPo
Thiel: I would bet on bitcoin as the 'online equivalent of gold': Julia La Roche
Fla. Officials: Construction Employee For Collapsed Bridge Warned Of Cracks: OAN


The Joy and Necessity of Driving Liberals Nuts: Kurt Schlichter
Hero Who Stopped Texas Gunman: I Couldn’t Have Stopped Him Without My AR-15: Bre Payton
The Poor in the US Are Richer than the Middle Class in Much of Europe: Ryan McMaken

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Anonymous said...

"If we give guns to teachers, more black children will die." ... from a Progressive who destroys education choice for inner city black children, who supports teacher's unions, who rejects charter schools and who certainly objects to vouchers so parents can send their children to any qualified private education organization.

Such people force inner city minority children into a government-run school system that fails them in many ways, and at a horrible cost. Given the high per-pupil expenditure times 12 years, in some urban districts it sometimes costs more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS to graduate a single student who is competent at grade level in the core subjects. Where would be be today if 10 years ago, parents had been free to choose where to school their children?

I think there is a correlation between this attitude and the sky high murder rates of young black men in the inner cities that have been run by the (D) party for decades and generations.

-- theBuckWheat

Mike aka Proof said...

The reason the person in the Everytown picture is holding a magazine and an unloaded gun, is that the magazine will not go in when the bullets are loaded backwards.