Friday, March 09, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Who Believes in Russiagate?

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Who Believes in Russiagate?: Lee Smith
Ex-British Spy Knew Who Funded Dossier; FBI Told Secret Court Otherwise: Sara Carter
Here’s Why Jeff Sessions May Be Washington’s Slyest Fox: Mark Tapscott

Farrakhan and the Left: WS
Governor Of Connecticut Says ‘NRA Has Become A Terrorist Organization’: Henry Rodgers
Trump Holds Happy Cabinet Meeting, Media Despondent: EIB

Illegal Alien in fatal I-70 hit-and-run crash and wanted by ICE agents charged: Chuck Hickey
Trump says he's 'looking at' Oakland mayor over ICE crackdown warning: Steven Nelson
Parkland Survivors to Sue Broward County Sheriff's Department, Schools: Tom Knighton

The Trump Doctrine: TheLastRefuge
The FBI That Comey Built: Name Redacted
We need to make assault bombs illegal: Bill Hutchinson


Wilbur Ross: Tariffs are about leveling the playing field: Fox
New aluminum smelter to open in New Madrid: Mark Bliss
Trump imposes tariffs on all steel, aluminum imports; exempts Mexico and Canada for now: Fox

Scandal Central

The Politicization of the FBI: Joseph E. diGenova
Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer caught in ‘most serious’ internal corruption case in recent memory: Spencer Hsu

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Congress Should Let Funds Evaporate for ‘Clean Water Rule’: Daren Bakst


Is Censorship By Any Other Name still Censorship?: Rising Serpent
Report: Obama in Talks With Netflix For a Show: Beast
Cable News Ratings Graph Wednesday March 7: @RoadMN

Gorka Targets Tech Companies: How About Censoring Jihadis Instead of Conservatives?: FNI
Conservatives cry foul over controversial group's role in YouTube moderation: Ben Kamisar
Are The Men Gone? This Hollywood Reporter Cover Is A Bad Sign: Bre Payton


US officials say North Korea invites Trump to meet: Jeremy Diamond
Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un in what would be first meeting of its kind: LAT
U.K. Officials Say Dozens Are Being Treated In Suspected Nerve Agent Attack: Ryan Saavedra

Massive Iranian Missile Buildup Sparks Fear of ‘Second Holocaust’: Adam Kredo
White South Africans face genocide, ‘We are cutting the throat of whiteness’: Blaze
Russian Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast: Bill Gertz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pentagon Gearing Up for Space Warfare: Bill Gertz
Broken water pipe leads to prehistoric cave discovery in Texas: Madeleine Rivera
Yes, Alexa is suddenly letting out evil laughs for no reason: Edward Moyer


How hacked emails and a yacht in Monaco ended my career at The Wall Street Journal: Jay Solomon
‘Sopranos’ to return with big-screen prequel: Times of Israel
Opioid Heir Ignores Addicts, Buys $23 Million Bel-Air Mansion Instead: Ethan Barton

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