Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: House Intelligence Committee Investigation Turns to John Kerry, State Dept.

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House Intelligence Committee Investigation Turns to John Kerry, State Dep.t: Sara Carter
Chairmen Goodlatte and Gowdy Request DOJ Special Counsel: CTH
The Worst Purge Of Conservative Voices In The History Of The Internet: Michael Snyder

Sessions Strikes Back: DOJ to Sue California to Crush 'Sanctuary' Laws: Ian Mason
Trump DOJ sues California over 'interference' with immigration enforcement: Bill Mears
Federal Judge: Trump DACA Program Elimination Appropriate and Legal: CTH

The most ridiculous logic on terrorism you've ever heard: Robin Simcox
The Tyranny of the Perpetually Offended: Christian Mercenary
After Win, Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrat O’Rourke’s Chicanery: Andrea Ruth

6 Revelations In That Christopher Steele Puff Piece: Chuck Ross
How the Left Became its Own Worst Enemy - Part II: Denis MacEoin
Kansas Official: Law Halted Up to 18,000 Non-Citizen Votes: AP


Innovation in fast food industry making 'Fight for Fifteen' irrelevant: Rick Moran
About Face on Forced Dues: Bill McMorris
Geert Wilders: Refugees prefer to come to big fat welfare states in Europe: VoE

Scandal Central

Republican Jewish Coalition Calls On Democrats To Resign Over Farrakhan Ties: Peter Hasson
Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigns as part of guilty plea to felony theft charge: Tennessean
After Controversial Traffic Stop, Police Chief Won't Release Recordings To 'Anti-Police' Requesters: TechDirt


Federal Investigation Into Al Jazeera Gains Steam After Qatar-Funded Spy Op on U.S. Jews: Adam Kredo
New Anti-Gun 'Study' a Rehash of Same Old Lies: David Codrea
Anti-Gunners Whine, Bitch And Moan: Uh Oh, Here Comes A Flock Of Wah Wah’s: Herschel Smith


Breakthrough: North Korea Ready To Denuclearize "If Regime Safety Is Guaranteed": ZH
Bolton weighs in on N. Korea being open to denuclearization talks with US: Scoop
N Korea reactor likely resumed plutonium production for weapons: 38 North: Asia Times

DIA: China, Russia Engaged In Low-Level Warfare Against U.S.: Bill Gertz
Saudi crown prince shocks Islamists with bold moves in Egypt: Thomas Lifson
CIA Warns of Extensive Chinese Operation to Infiltrate American Institutions: Natalie Johnson

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Police are creating a national surveillance network using COMTEC, Project Green Light etc.: MassPrivateI
Plague ‘hiding in plain sight’, warn scientists : Telegraph
The tyranny of algorithms is part of our lives: soon they could rate everything we do: John Harris


#TransformationTuesday: Transforming the Google Machine: MOTUS
Compare This to the Clintons: Inflib
Miami Dolphins owner: 'All our players will be standing' for national anthem: Melissa Quinn

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