Thursday, August 01, 2019

CNN hits bottom, continues drilling


If there's a Pulitzer Prize for sowing racial division, Jeff Zucker and CNN deserve a lifetime award. These people are scum. WarnerMedia should be ashamed of itself for allowing this insane, 98% Trump-hate network to survive, despite its abysmal ratings.

If memory serves, dipsh**s, white robots in Star Wars were part of the evil empire.


commoncents said...

Video - Tulsi Gabbard rips Kamala Harris' record on criminal prosecutions

Chuck said...

Don't get me started on that racist white toilet paper. It should be black...out of respeck.

Anonymous said...

Next on CNN: "Are Sperm Racist"

Whoopie said...

Ackshully, the droid soldiers were tan to brown so yeah, RAAAACIST. "Roger, roger"