Saturday, August 31, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Thunderstruck: Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Sledgehammer of Truth on DC Court

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Thunderstruck: Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Sledgehammer of Truth on DC Court: CTH
Mystery Gmail Account Revives Questions About Clinton Email Probe: Ivan Pentchoukov
Michael Flynn lawyers say Justice Department acted to 'extort' his guilty plea: Jerry Dunleavy

‘Comey Owes The Country An Apology’: Rep Jim Jordan: Shelby Talcott
Government Still Stonewalling Flynn Attorneys: CTH
Levin: ‘If it wasn’t Jim Comey … they’d be going to prison’: Carmel Kookogey

The Dangerous Stalinism of the "Woke" Hard-Left: Alan M. Dershowitz
Omar Wants To Turn U.S. Border Security To U.N. "High Commissioner": Calvin Custis
California Appeals Court Reverses Sole Conviction Against Illegal Alien in Steinle Case: AP

Scandal Central

Nunes “Briefed DOJ on Eight Criminal Referrals – Two for Criminal Conspiracy”: CTH
Sidney Powell Discusses Her Court Filing Outlining DOJ Corruption During Spygate: CTH
Mueller Overlooked Mifsud’s Contacts in Western Counterterror Circles: Petr Svab


Here’s What Trump Aide Madeleine Westerhout Said To Get Herself Canned: Virginia Kruta
President Trump Reacts to IG Report on James Comey Conduct as FBI Director: CTH
NASCAR Betrays the 2nd Amendment, Rejects Pro-Gun Ads Citing Their ‘Gradual Shift’ on the Issue: Shane Trejo

Comey's classified misconduct and the media's flawed coverage of it: John Solomon
Rivera: James Comey 'attempted a coup' against Trump in true 'swamp' fashion: Charles Creitz
The Lies of the 1619 Project: Marc A. Scaringi


Sexual Torture in Chinese Prisons: ‘No Limits to the Perversion’: Joan Delaney
It’s Not Enough to Be Pro-Freedom; We Must Also Be Actively Anti-Communist: Trevor Loudon
Hong Kong Protests Turn to Chaos Amid Tear Gas and Petrol Bombs: Epoch Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Reports: Small Israeli copter-drones blew up key Iranian missile equipment in heart of Hezbollah stronghold: LI
What’s a NormaTec? The compression therapy elite athletes love: Amanda Capritto
Human-like neural activity detected in lab-grown brains: Dawn


Mortgage doesn’t even require a Russian oligarch’s co-signature: Sondrakistan
Prognosticators, Prepare To Prognosticate. It’s Wolverine Day!: MOTUS
Bill’s Wife: SDA


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