Saturday, August 10, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Brennan’s Role In Russia Collusion Hoax Becomes Clearer Despite Multiple Alleged Perjuries

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Brennan’s Role In Russia Collusion Hoax Becomes Clearer: Sarah Lee
Did John Brennan Perjure Himself in Denying Use of Steele Dossier?: Nick Short
Lindsey Graham: Systematic Corruption At Highest Level of DOJ and FBI: Sara Carter

80 Days: CTH
Bongino Discusses Bruce Ohr 302 Release – “It’s the laundry operation”: CTH
Rudy Giuliani Reacts to Release of Bruce Ohr 302 Reports: CTH

True American Nationalism Is Inclusive: William R. Hawkins
Take a Breath; America Is Still a Decent Country Filled With Decent People: Carlson & Patel
Nadler impeachment claim pleases base but defies House rules, history: Susan Ferrechio

Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Texas to Loosen Gun Laws: Alex Parker
Everyone Knows Proposed Gun Laws Would Do Nothing to Prevent Murder: Michael Filozof
Concealed Carrier Prevents Mass Shooting At Missouri Walmart: Madeline Osburn


California’s Minimum Wage Rules Kill State’s Largest Recycling Center: Leslie Eastman
The UK economy has not been damaged by Brexit, but by our failure to deliver it: Telegraph
Manufacturing Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses China and Markets: CTH

Scandal Central

Why Does It Matter So Much That Ohr Maintained Contact With Steele After He Was Fired?: Elizabeth Vaughn
Left-Wing American Bar Association: Men Accused of Rape Should Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent: John Hawkins
FBI used Steele dossier for court warrants targeting Trump despite bias: DailyMail

Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide: Post
First batch of new Epstein court docs say Bill Clinton had private party on Pedophile Island: Vivek Saxena
‘It names names’: Epstein files ordered unsealed, releasing thousands of docs from defamation suit: Tom TIllison

Climate Scam

Against Censorship: The Climate Story Forbes Doesn’t Want You To Read: GWPF
IPCC announces Fatwa on meat eating: JoNova


The Deadly Boredom of ‘A Meaningless Life’: Terry Newman
A Batty Week at MSNBC: David Rutz
'Conspiracyland' Debunks Theories About Murder Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich: Dave Davies, NPR

President Trump Drops Sunlight MOAB on The Capital of Cultural Marxism: CTH
Kentucky Radio Host Doubles Down on Attacks on Black Republican: Graham Piro
‘Outed’ Trump donors share deranged threats they’re getting in wake of Castro’s stunt: Frieda Powers


Israel: Swastika Flag on Gaza Border Reveals Hamas’ True Intention — the Annihilation of the Jewish State: Algemeiner
Russia Suffers An Unplanned Nuclear Event At Restricted Naval Base. They Call It Thursday: RS
Let fat people die to save NHS money, says Michael Buerk: Matthew Moore

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Army Seeks AI, Robotics For Grunts: Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr.
FBI can’t hack into Dayton shooter Connor Betts’ phone: Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
Huntington Park’s new “RoboCop” stores pedestrians’ faces, scans license plates, and costs $8,000 a month to run: MuckRock


Gone Fishing.: MOTUS
No Good Deed Goes Unaccused Of Racism: Earl of Taint
AOTW 8-9-2019: GOC


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Anonymous said...

In our culture as propounded by Libs old Muslim men can marry children, and mutilate genitals; Congresswomen can marry their brothers and denounce the Country they serve; men can become women and mutilate themselves to fit into women's toilets, and win fabulous prizes in same sex sports competition; who for entertainment make movies to watch the thrill of hunting their political enemies while sporting about attacking a sitting President.

Jeffrey's exploits seem tame by comparison, not worthy of the death penalty as imposed by one Judge and superintended by the same Government agencies who participated in our recent election coup.