Monday, August 05, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Don’t Buy the Myth of the ‘Moderate’ Democrat

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Serve to Lead: “If you are committed to being a truly effective leader, read this book - today.” --Hugh Hewitt
Don’t Buy the Myth of the ‘Moderate’ Democrat: Bob Maistros
The Dream Team Loses to the Nobodies: Victor Davis Hanson
El Paso, Dayton, and Us: Jon Gabriel

Dayton shooter said to support gun control, Liz Warren, and socialism: Julio Rosas
Texas Police Seek Clues to Explain Walmart Shooting That Killed 20: WFB
Chicago Police Step Up Patrols After 25 People Shot in Less Than 4 Hours: Trina Orlando

Cory Booker Thinks Trump Won Because Russia Suppressed Black Vote: Rusty Weiss
Tlaib’s Disturbing Interview with Palestinian Terror Promoter Janna Jihad: David Lange
Obama’s Race War: Ben Shapiro (2010)


California Wants To Teach Your Kids That Capitalism Is Racist: ZH
Sunday Talks: Peter Navarro vs. Chris Wallace; Fox in Full Propaganda Mode: CTH
China Hits Back at Trump by Weakening Yuan, Halting Crop Imports: Bloomberg

Scandal Central

Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy: CTH
Former AOC chief of staff under investigation for alleged campaign finance misconduct: Hunter Lovell
Comey Skates Through Round 1: Bookworm


Did Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt Inspire the Dayton Killer?: Ralph Retort
Vox Confirms That, Yes, They Do Want to Take Our Guns: Stephen Kruiser
Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses 24 Hours of Horrific Shootings: CTH


Report: Dozens dead as Iranian weapons delivery explodes in Syrian airport: Neta Bar
China and the Difficulties of Dissent: Simon Leitch
While Anti-Gunners Hate It, Hong Kong Residents Long For Second Amendment: Tom Knighton

France Slowly Sinking into Chaos: Guy Millière
After El Paso shooting, Mexico to take legal actions to protect Mexicans in U.S. -official: Reuters
Iran 'seizes Iraqi tanker in Gulf for smuggling fuel': BBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The next two months could be make-or-break for Huawei: Andy Meek
MIT researchers working on AI-based knitting software that will let even novices make clothes: Catherine SHu
Will NASA Sole-Source Northrop to Build a Space Station to Orbit the Moon?: Rich Smith


What is America’s Favorite Sandwich?: YouGov
Sounds About Right: Feral Irishman
I’m sure this will be taken as an insult by some: Earl of Taint


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commoncents said...

Breaking - Dayton mass shooter was a resisted Democrat, loved Socialism and supported Elizabeth Warren!