Friday, August 16, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Sources say 'most explosive' part of DOJ review about 'outsourcing of illegal intelligence-gathering'

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DOJ review said to reveal 'outsourcing of illegal intelligence-gathering': Daniel Chaitin
Epstein Associate Glenn Dubin Has Flooded Dems With Cash: Collin Anderson
US attorney: Philly DA created 'culture of disrespect' fueling attack on police: Tim Pearce

Google Whistleblower: FBI, SWAT, Bomb Squad Appeared at His Home: Tyler O’Neil
The Democrats Are Insane: Mike Ford
Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger: John Gage

Evidence of Intentional Employment Violations by Mississippi Companies Raided by ICE: CTH
Ted Lieu apologizes for 'dual loyalty allegations' against US ambassador to Israel: John Gage
Netanyahu: Omar, Tlaib's 'Sole Objective' for Trip Was to 'Harm Israel': Jeffrey Cimmino

Bloomberg – AG Ellison Minnesota corruption scandal: Bunkerville
Trump stresses necessity of mental institutions: Ellie Bufkin
Shooter Surrenders – Philly Police Shooting Standoff Ends After Suspect Surrenders: CTH


Trump says he has 'no' fear China trade war could lead to recession: Sean Higgins
Nails It – Economic Analyst El-Erian: The Era of “De-Globalization” is Here: CTH
Trump has asked advisers about potential to buy Greenland: John Gage

Scandal Central

Amazon’s CEO Owns a Terror-Linked Paper: Daniel Greenfield
Epstein’s ex-bodyguard fuels more speculation when he gives probing reporter cryptic warnings: Frieda Powers
Epstein shipped $100K cement truck to 'Pedo Island' three weeks before damning expose was released: DailyMail


Left-wing New York Times chief outlines coverage shift: From Trump-Russia to Trump racism: Byron York
Consumer Spending Beats Expectations – Shoppers Reject Phony Media Recession Fears: CTH
The subversive messages hidden in The Wizard of Oz: Nicholas Barber


Ilhan Omar’s and Rashida Tlaib’s Anti-Semitism just got them barred from Israel: Nate Madden
Israel Blocks Tlaib And Omar From Visiting, Trump Agrees: Molly Prince
North Korea fires more missiles while US-South Korea exercises continue: Jamie McIntyre

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Yes, the Russians Are Testing Nuclear Weapons and It Is Very Important: Mark B. Schneider
2020 Corvette Top Speed Confirmed At 194 MPH, Drops With Z51 Package: Chris Bruce
5 surprising ways Amazon Echo can entertain you when you're bored to tears: Katie Connor


Strange light captured flying over Jackson Hole: Buckrail
Artist says it was 'complete surprise' her Clinton dress painting ended up in Epstein home: Jerry Dunleavy
#Flashback Friday: Nothing Was the Same After Woodstock: MOTUS

Democrats Abandon Gun Control Push in Favor of Nationwide Speed Limit of 55 MPH On Bullets: IMAO
Scammin’ Me: WQTH
Fredo’s Dad Sets Things Straight: Earl of Taint


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Whitehall said...

Great idea to offer to buy Greenland.

Bet the EU will have a conniption. Denmark will have no way to defend it alone against Russian or Chinese encroachments so will have to rely on NATO.

What to do with the 56.000 Greenland natives?