Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Lawfare Expects McCabe Arrest – That Explains Why CNN Hired Him

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
Lawfare Expects McCabe Arrest – That Explains Why CNN Hired Him: CTH
Comey friend expects criminal charges against McCabe 'any day' now: Daniel Chaitin
DOJ Stall Succeeds – Comey Memo Update – Expect Nothing Until After October 11th: CTH

Latest Developments In Ilhan Omar Soap Opera: John Hinderaker
Ilhan Omar had a secret affair with my husband 'for a year,' wife claims: DailyMail
Nearly one of every three dollars spent on Ilhan Omar's campaign has gone to her alleged lover's firm: Tiana Lowe

Many states support President Trump’s decision to end DACA: OAN
Mexican Military Police Battle Illegal African Migrants Attempting to Reach U.S.: CTH
Trump Asks SCOTUS For Clearance To Enforce Tough Asylum Rules: ‘Unprecedented Surge’: TPI

Hillary Is Lurking: Richard K. Davis
Mark Levin grills psychiatrist who diagnosed Trump will mental illness: Scoop
Making the Term “Illegal Aliens” Disappear: Matthew Vadum


Leverage of Dependency: Chinese Manufacturers Admit Without U.S. Market They Collapse: CTH
Why is World Bank Investing $50M In China’s Uyghur Concentration Camps?: Sara Carter
MAGAnomics – Consumer Confidence Index Beats Expectations, Highest in 19 Years: CTH

Scandal Central

Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Funded Travel For Man She’s Alleged To Have An Affair With: Andrew Kerr
Ilhan Omar stonewalls on divorce case allegation of affair with left-wing campaign consultant: John Gage
Inside Ilhan Omar’s tangled web of relationships: Kate Sheehy


The Times Outraged: Panics as Media Matters Tactics Turned on Paper: Jeffrey Lord
New York Times takes hits from all sides: TheHill
CNN airs in-kind donation to Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign: Becket Adams

Dave Chappelle Takes On Gun Control In New Netflix Special: Cam Edwards
Bongino: "Captain Unreliable Sources" Brian Stelter Is CNN's "Lead Conspiracy Theorist": RCP
Disney’s Ms. Marvel series will feature a Muslim superhero: Robert Spencer


NASA map shows Africa has more fires burning than Brazil: Bunkerville
False Reports of Amazon Fires Mislead, Undermine Trust: Gregory Wrightstone
Petrol Bombs Kill at Least 23 in Violent Attack on Nightclub in Mexico: Epoch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

'Disappearing delivery vehicles': Vanishing polymer offers US military the chance to leave no trace: Russ Read
American And Chinese Cities Lead The World In Spying On People: MassPrivateI
The False Promise of Fish Oil Supplements: SciAm


As large groups of hostile populations are used to destroy local cultures in the west: Vlad Tepes
Fruits, Hops and Nuts: We Have a Winner!: MOTUS
Beach Warning: Earl of Taint


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Anonymous said...

If we don't respect our own culture we end up respecting the cultures of others, and no better example than that Ms. Omar for whom it is OK to, prevaricate, lie, and obfuscate the truth in pursuit of Islam's greater goal of Infidels licking her feet.
The lady needs to be turned out. She has exceeded her expiration date.