Friday, August 30, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: First Review of IG Report on Comey: A Two-Tiered Justice System

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Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great Camo MAGA Hat
First Review of IG Report on Comey: A Two-Tiered Justice System: CTH
James Comey's 'highest loyalty' is to himself: James Gagliano
Byron York and Rep Doug Collins Discuss IG Report on James Comey Conduct: CTH

How Team Trump has boosted America’s strategic position: Conrad Black
Theologians condemn Christian Nationalism’; grave sins against God the Creator’: Bunkerville
Family Court: Where Lawyers Live Large and Families Die Slowly: Bryan Preston

What Is Justice for McCabe?: Andrew C. McCarthy
Muslim Doc Fired For ‘I’ll Give Jews Wrong Meds’ Tweet Seeks Hearing: Shifra
Tom Steyer's tax records show earnings from Chinese equity firms: Times


Taxpayers Fund Screening Of Movie “Why Don’t We Murder More White People?”: Tim Brown
In Maryland, you can choose your gender, but not your school: Inez Feltscher Stepman
Nigel Farage Discusses Current Status of Brexit Maneuvers: CTH

Scandal Central

DOJ Inspector General: Comey Set a Dangerous Example: David Catron
U.S. Intel Gatekeeper Dragging Feet on Trump-Russia Files, Insiders Say: Paul Sperry
FEC asks Bernie Sanders to explain 69 pages worth of questionable contributions: Twitchy

Jumpin’ Jim Flash: Scott Johnson
Levin: Comey 'shouldn't have been anywhere close' to a law enforcement career: Charles Creitz
James Comey wants an apology? This is myth becoming madness: Jonathan Turley


Comey: When are all my critics going to apologize after my vindication from Horowitz? CNN: Wut?: Ed Morrissey
Levin: ‘You know damn well if we still had libel laws … the president wouldn’t be called “Hitler”‘: Carmel Kookogey
‘Hurricane Nukes’ is Fake News and You Have to Be Pretty Deranged to Think Otherwise: Kira Davis

Rod Rosenstein shades Comey, rips MSNBC and CNN pundits after IG report released: Sam Dorman
Lawrence O’Donnell’s apology ‘not enough’, Eric Trump goes for lawsuit: Vivek Saxena
Verified Twitter Leftists Pray Hurricane Dorian Destroys Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: Loomer


Leaked sextapes of Iranian politicians show 'hypocrisy' of Islamic Republic: France24
President Trump cancels trip to Poland as Hurricane Dorian heads toward Fla.: OAN
Trump Admin Sanctions Hezbollah Terror Network in Blow to Iranian-Backed Group: Adam Kredo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

As Dorian looms, Florida's Space Coast braces for possible unprecedented impact: Joey Roulette
Astronomers Have Detected Hints of a Hellish Volcanic Exomoon: Michelle Starr
Mysterious Air Force Space Plane Spent 719 Days in Orbit Breaking Records: Aakarsh Dube


Let’s Be Careful Out There: MOTUS
Dave Chappelle shows why we need some political incorrectness: Maureen Callahan
Saturday Down South - Week #1: Diogenes



Tim said...

Be in government, get immunity from crimes, and get filthy rich. fuck the government, and fuck you trump.

MAX Redline said...

So you'd rather have Pantsuit as president?

Anonymous said...

I think Tim is a little confused. Trump came into office already rich. He isn't getting rich from taxpayers. That would be Obama.
He's also not immune from prosecution. That would be Hillary and now Comey.