Sunday, August 18, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Just Got A lot Weirder

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Trump 2020 Camo MAGA Hat
The Hillary Clinton Email Saga Just Got A lot Weirder: Bonchie
Clinton’s Deliberate, Felonious Actions Harmed National Security: Mike Ford
Report: WH considered blocking migrant children from enrolling in public schools: OAN

Guns, mental illness, drugs, and laws.: Thomas Wictor
Another Win For Trump: Appeals Court Sides With Admin On Asylum Rights: Sara Carter
Antifa continues rioting long after most Proud Boys leave Portland rally: Julio Rosas

California Introduces Radical Anti-Semitic High School Curriculum: Adam Kredo
Biden tweets on Israel denying congresswomen’s visit, swiftly backfires: Karen Townsend
'Morons': Tom Homan Has Some Hard Facts For Anti-ICE Google Employees: Scott Morefield

Portland: Proud Boys vs Antifa ends early without serious violence (Update): John Sexton
Murder rates drop as concealed carry permits soar: report: Kellan Howell (2015)
Dimocrat Platform: GOC


Treasury about to flood market with debt to fund U.S.’s $1 trillion deficit---and that’s a concern: Joy Wiltermuth
Yes, Immigrants Should Be Less Dependent On U.S. Welfare, And So Should Everyone Else: Kyle Sammin
Cali Woman Rips Gavin Newsom After Homeless Chaos Destroys Her Small Business: Kira Davis

Scandal Central

Jeffrey Epstein sex case documents and photos: Sharyl Attkisson
There is No Actual Law or Justice in the B.E.A.S.T. System: Doug Lynn
Models Say Jeffrey Epstein’s Closest Pal Drugged, Raped Them: Emily Shugerman

Look at the Scam That’s Enabling and Protecting Unlawful Residents of Our Country: Lew Jan Olowski
FBI Documents Detailing Bruce Ohr Conversations Shed New Light on Spygate Scandal: Jeff Carlson
Former AG Matt Whitaker: Everything About Bruce and Nellie Ohr “Was Very Concerning”: CTH

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My Dad's Cancer Fund: Garry Hamilton


New goal for New York Times: 'Reframe' American history, and target Trump, too: Byron York
Real Clear Politics Is What the New York Times Pretended to Be: Roger L. Simon
Gavin Newsom’s claim about the homeless was so absurd even Politifact couldn’t spin it: John Sexton

Must Watch: Bill Maher Rips BDS as a “Bullsh*t Purity Test”: David Lange
Rashida Tlaib calls for boycott of Bill Maher as civil war erupts on the left: Samantha Chang
Joe Biggs Banned from Facebook: Peter M. D'Abrosca

Useful Idiot: The curious case of Max Blumenthal: Bruce Bawer
That Time When Some Carcass-Worshiper Called Me A House Negro: Baldilocks (2017)
Jim Gaffigan Veers to the Right, Slams Woke Film Critics: Christian Toto


Is the Palestinian Authority Preparing for a New Intifada?: Bassam Tawil
Rashida Tlaib wants Israel eradicated more than she loves grandma: Tiana Lowe
Forget North Korea: Pakistan Might Be the Real Nuclear Threat: Daniel R. DePetris

Europe Poised to Put Warning Labels on Jewish-Made Products: Adam Kredo
Boycotts: I&I
Hong Kong Protest Movement Spokesperson Explains Purpose and Intents: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

America Can Stop China from Dominating Artificial Intelligence--And Should: Gordon G. Chang
7 Californians hospitalized in ICU after vaping cannabis or CBD oils: Mike Moffitt, SFGATE
Surprise! The Great Barrier Reef is Not Dying from Global Warming: Eric Worrall


AOTW 8-16-2019: GOC
Tough Luck: Tlaib’s Plan To Visit Her Nana Bomba Fails To Detonate: Earl of Taint
Sunday Open Thread: MOTUS


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