Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: China blinks on trade, wants 'calm' talks

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China blinks on trade, wants 'calm' talks: By Thomas Lifson
Request for Stay – DOJ Stalls For More Time Before Forced Production of Comey Memos: CTH
AG Barr’s Test: U.S. Atty Jessie Liu Punts McCabe Indictment Decision Back to DC: CTH

Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for August 26, 2019: BattleSwarm
Biden to Supporters: ‘I Want to be Clear, I’m Not Going Nuts’: Hannity
If Joe Biden Is Elected, Who Will Really Be in Charge?: Adam Mill

Illegals Who Make A Living Criticizing ICE Shocked To Find Themselves Being Deported: RS
Border Patrol unveils 60 new miles of Donald Trump's border wall in drone footage: DailyMail
Young Conservative Latina Running for Congress In IL, and She’s Everything AOC Is Not: Brandon Morse

NYC de Blasio’s panel recommends eliminating all gifted school programs: Bunkerville
Americans not Scared But Only Repulsed by Bully Rashida Tlaib: Judi McLeod
NBC News Profiles Wave of GOP Women Candidates Despite Narrative They Don’t Exist: Spencer Irvine


Fake Panda – China’s Request for “Calm” is Pure Head-Fake From Beijing: CTH
“He’s Full of Sh**”: How Elon Musk Gambled Tesla to Save SolarCity: Bethany McLean
Johnson & Johnson loses Oklahoma opioids lawsuit: Axios

Scandal Central

Department of Justice May Be About To Indict Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok: RS
Alabama GOP Passes Resolution Asking DC Delegation To Help Eject Ilhan Omar From Congress: Sarah Lee
Why No Congressional Investigation into Epstein’s Intelligence Connections?: Jacob G. Hornberger


WaPo Columnist Calls For Anti-GOP Violence: 'Burn The Republican Party': Madeline Osburn
The opposite of journalism: CNN is encouraging government officials to lie: Exam
Journalists Outraged Over Being Held To Their Own Standards: Derek Hunter

Conservative Group Started Making Journalists Play by the New Rules---and Journalists Are Terrified: RS
NYT Reporter: Trump Allies Targeting Journalists Are Deploying Media Matters Playbook: Jack Crowe
Trump denies that he suggested nuking hurricanes. But government once studied the idea.: Antonia Noori Farzan


Trump is right to confront China, reversing Obama’s policy of weakness and appeasement: Harry J. Kazianis
Sen. Graham: 'How Do You Get China to Change Without Creating Some Pain on Them and Us?: Susan Jones
Trump: 'Really Good Chance' He Will Meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Ken Bredemeier

Pompeo Voices Support For Preemptive Strikes After Israel Thwarts Iranian Drone Attack: Patrick Goodenough
Israel Introduces Iranian-Trained Killer Drone Terrorists to the Reaper: David Lange
Islam Doesn’t Have to Be a Religion of Men: Mohammad Tawhidi

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Silicon Valley’s Chinese-style social credit system: Mike Elgan
Update – Dr. Tim Ball wins @MichaelEMann lawsuit – Mann “hides the decline” again: WUWT
Trump Puts Hold on Pentagon’s $10 Billion Crony Contract with Amazon: Warner Todd Huston


40-person brawl at water park’s ‘lazy river’ started over beach towel: Jonathan Ayestas, KCRA
Epstein Victim on Clinton: “There Was Sexual Conduct And Foreplay…a Bed On Epstein’s Jet”: Clothesline
Ode To a Summer Afternoon: MOTUS



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My God...Jennifer Rubin is one ugly beast

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