Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Biden: China Provides Jobs, ‘Fuels World’s Prosperity’

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Biden: China Provides Jobs, ‘Fuels World’s Prosperity’: Natalie Winters
Trump has wide power to overrule governors during emergency, legal experts say: JTN
GOP Rips ‘Nancy Antoinette’ and Her $24K Fridge Packed with Ice Cream: Hannity

Trump might be using the virus to push immigration policy, but so are Dems: Eddie Scarry
More of the country moves toward easing pandemic restrictions: Cassidy Morrison
Trump: Immigration Ban Will Be in Effect for at Least 60 Days: WFB

15 Election Results That Were Tossed Due to Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots: Fred Lucas
3 Lefty Supreme Court Justices Affirm Originalism In Unanimous Jury Ruling: Kyle Sammin
AG Barr: Trump’s Policy Record ‘Well Within the Traditional Rules of Law’: Debra Heine

Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus nursing home policy proves tragic: Michael Goodwin
Trump Campaign Highlights Speaker Pelosi Elitism -vs- Average American Worker: CTH
Idaho Police Arrest Subversive Mom For Taking Children to Playground: CTH


The real devastation from COVID-19: A destroyed economy imposed by government: Robert Zimmerman
Unemployment tweak could help companies rehire: Joe Horvath
Senate passes $484B coronavirus rescue package: Susan Ferrechio

Scandal Central

Devin Nunes: 'Obama's dossier' a subject of criminal referral to Justice Department: Daniel Chaitin
How Adam Schiff secretly thwarted efforts to bring transparency in Russia probe: John Solomon
Wuhan Flu: WHO Emails Leaked?: SDA

China Meddles in Our Election, In Favor of Biden: Steve Cortes
Enough: Legally Conflicted Senate Intel Committee Presents Another Defense of Spygate Coup: CTH
Devin Nunes Responds to the Insufferably Political SSCI Report: CTH


Fawning US Media Is 1 Reason Beijing Thinks It Can Bully Hong Kong: Mike Gonzalez
Don’t Let The Washington Post Get Away With Memory-Holing Its Anti-Kavanaugh Campaign: Mollie Hemingway
NY Snitch Line Bombarded With Subversive Liberty Memes, Vulgar Pictures and Propaganda Against The State: CTH


Done Deal — Netanyahu will be Israeli Prime Minister in Unity Government: LI
Iran saber-rattling in the Persian Gulf despite coronavirus woes: Joel Gehrke
Iran says it launched its first military satellite into orbit: Caitlin Yilek

Missouri Becomes First State to Sue China Over Coronavirus: Graham Piro
China lays ever larger claim to South China Sea: AsiaTimes
What You Need to Know About Kim Jong Un’s Health and What Could Be Next for North Korea: Rachel del Guidice

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Fauci Resurfaces – NIH Panel Recommends Against Hydroxychloroquine Treatment: CTH
Coronavirus and the future of the supply chain: Blaise Lucey
LabCorp’s at-home COVID-19 test kit is the first to be authorized by the FDA: Darrell Etherington


Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?: Eric Hegedus
Crude Joke: Stilton’s Place
Giddy Up Little Cowgirl: MOTUS



Anonymous said...

Well, well, if your Congressman cares about preventing spread of the Virus, they should be found wearing Under-Ease. Send a pair to Nancy today.

Anonymous said...

You are a genius, this is a critical business.
Under-Tec must take the Under-Ease into the full production of 350 million units.
I have it on good authority that Chuck Schumer has been placed at the helm as their Fitting VP.