Saturday, November 06, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: 13 House Republicans Save Joe Biden's Agenda in Disgraceful, Idiotic Move

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13 House Republicans Save Joe Biden's Agenda in Disgraceful, Idiotic Move: RS
House Passes Infrastructure Bill as Dems Prep for Huge Social Giveaway Bill: Fred Lucas
Dems Want To Fine Businesses Nearly One Million Dollars For Violating Vaccine Mandate: WZ

Biden sent 70 secret night flights of migrants from border to Florida: Anna Giaritelli
🤡 Clinton Crony Behind Steele Dossier Did Secret Work for Russia: Chuck Ross
House GOP working to stop Biden plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each: Fox

Abolishing Police Measure Fails in Minneapolis. Voters Defeat Soros Leftists: Jarrett Stepman
New Virginia A.G. Commits to Investigating Sexual Assaults in Loudoun Schools: Kendall Tietz
Rittenhouse Prosecutors Had A Very Bad Week: Cam Edwards

🛸 Likely Drone Attack On U.S. Power Grid Revealed In New Intelligence Report: The Drive
🚛 Truckers warn Biden's vax mandates will crush industry, worsen supply chain woes: FoxBiz
Voters to Democrats: Drop Dead: Deroy Murdock


Energy Secretary Erupts in Laughter When Asked if Administration Will Start Increasing U.S. Oil Production: CTH
Take away the gimmicks and Biden's spending bill costs twice as much: Examiner
The House China-Giveaway Infrastructure Bill: 13 Republicans who voted for it: Emily Brooks,

Scandal Central

FBI Raids Homes of Journalists: James O’Keefe Gives Details of DOJ Targeting, Coordination With NY Times: CTH
Ten Months Later: The DNC/RNC “Pipe Bombs”: Julie Kelly
Merrick Garland Abuses His Authority to Suppress Dissent: Signal


🕵️ The Most Corrupt FBI Agent in History Tries to Spin Russia Hoax: Rachael Madcow Interviews Peter Strzok: CTH
Owens on diary entry: Biden’s daughter is ‘second person in family to make incestuous allegations’: BPR
Clinton aide Huma Abedin blasts Comey for 'decision to play God' during 2016 election: Daniel Chaitin


Biden Admin Silent as EU, Iran and China Freely Violate US Sanctions: Majid Rafizadeh
Republicans: DoD needs to prepare the US for real wars not culture wars after drubbing by Brits: DailyMail
Massive Protest Today in Melbourne Australia Against Proposed COVID Laws and Opposition to Mandates: CTH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Pfizer Promotes a New Pill Developed to Treat COVID-19, Claim 89 Percent Success Rate in Study: CTH
An interesting take here on Moderna and BioNTech stocks, both crushed this week: Alex Berenson
9 Truths From Aaron Rodgers’ Explosive Vaxx Interview You Aren’t Allowed To Say: Kylee Zempel


Odds and Ends: Woodsterman
Gasoline For Everybody: American Digest
Time: Make The Most Of It: MOTUS


Anonymous said...

For those of you who think the table bangers at the FBI actually videotaped the Kenosha riots please understand that this was military footage. They have war gamed the entire Country and know when you go in and when you come out, and they see all the votes and where they come from.
Lest you doubt please remember the man who Stormin' Norman called "the luckiest man".

Average Joe Bro said...

To Nichole Malliotakis;
You could have demanded NY fix its roads and other problems by not having the Biden administration dump thousands of illegal migrants and thier kids in our city, it costs the tax payers 35K per student in NYC public schools. Maybe questioning why a billion dollars disappeared in a mystery mental health scam by DeBlasio in NYC. Maybe not spending millions of NYC taxpayer money on specialized legal aid to keep illegal aliens from getting deported. Maybe save money by keeping illegal aliens from collecting welfare. Every illegal that comes into the country will cost millions in taxpayers money over their life time. So how about insisting that the Biden administration shut the boarder and use the record amount of tax revenues ALREADY collected this year to benefit Americans, BEFORE asking for more spending that leads to yet more taxes on everyone. Did you even question the fact that illegals will now be compensated with more money than the 13 American soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan? I'm a Staten Islander and constituent and I think you shouldn't bother running for re-election you'll just embarrass yourself. I'll be supporting anybody that runs against you...