Sunday, November 21, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Almost everything Pelosi is saying about Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda is a lie

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Almost everything Pelosi is saying about Biden’s BBB agenda is a lie: Brad Polumbo
Varney: Build Back Broke Is The ‘Most Dishonest Spending Bill In American History’: WZ
Kyle Rittenhouse Violated the Safari Principle: CTH

Unrequited rage: The demand for mob justice in the Rittenhouse trial: Turley
Prosecutors Unseal Indictment Alleging Successful Iranian Hack During 2020 Election: HE
Teachers in California have been targeting students for recruitment into LGBTQ clubs: NTB

The Government’s Inhumanity to Man: CTH
Rules Are for Rubes: Fauci Spotted Maskless, Violating Mandate, at Tony DC Party: PJM
US Legal Arms Market Is Mexico's Paradise For Organized Crime: Sol Prendido


Hunter Biden's firm helped Chinese firm buy American-owned cobalt mine in $3.8 billion deal: Daily Mail
I am Inflation, Destroyer of Worlds: Poor and Middle Class Get Smashed by Inflation.: MyBudget360
As Fed Contemplates a Move, Democratic States Lag Furthest in Jobs Recovery: Reuters

The single biggest provision in Biden bill in first half-decade is tax cut for wealthy: Zachary Halaschak
Budget Buster: Social Welfare Bill Will Cost More Than Zero Dollars, No One Surprised.: DrillDown
Palestinians seek to turn China against Israel: Dale Aluf

Scandal Central

FBI Jackboots Break Down Door and Raid Home of America’s Mom: CTH
NIH Director Calls For COVID Conspiracists to be “Brought to Justice”: Summit
Gates Germ-Game Warning Motivates Smallpox Vaccine Discussions: PreVac

China's 'Morally Bankrupt' Olympics: Gordon G. Chang
Peng Shuai reappears in Beijing, WTA not reassured: Reuters
What to make of the intelligence failure over the Steele Dossier?: Paul Roderick Gregory


TGIF: Inflation Rises. Russiagate Falls Apart. And J.K. Rowling Is Erased.: Nellie Bowles
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN skip DOJ whistleblower revealing 'threat tag' targeting parents at school board meetings: Fox
Bill Maher Annihilates 'Lame and Clueless' AOC on Dems' 'Plainly Insane' Wokeness: Mike Miller


How gang warfare took over Sweden’s streets: Paulina Neuding
Keep Complying, Idiots: Summit
U.S. patrol boats sent to beef up Ukrainian Navy near Black Sea: Al-Reuters

Massive European protests against COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine mandates erupt into an 'orgy of violence': Blaze
Dutch police open fire on Covid lockdown protesters as European nations reintroduce restrictions: NBC
Austria rises up against “health dictatorship: Emilien Lacombe

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tesla ranks almost dead-last on Consumer Reports reliability list: Joshua Bote
Totally normal news out of Barcelona: Alex Berenson
EV batteries forecast to threaten world with 'toxic chemicals,' 'landfill fires': WND


Nation’s oldest living Potawatomi and female WWII veteran dies at 111: Tim Hrenchir
Turning victims into folk devils: The plight of the “transwidows” scorned for telling the truth: Josephine Bartosch
It’s Thanksgiving Week And The Natives Are Restless: MOTUS
QOTD: “Antifa could not exist as an organization; capable to organize and carry out violent attacks against their targets; without the full support of the FBI. If the FBI wanted to arrest members of Antifa, who are actually conducting violence, they could do it easily – with little effort. It is the absence of any action by the FBI toward Antifa, that tells us the FBI is enabling that violent extremist behavior to continue. Once you accept that transparent point of truth; then, you realize the FBI definition of domestic violent extremism is something else entirely.” --Sundance

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Anonymous said...

I am a dwarf, my father was a dwarf, and so my grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather.
I am insulted that the FDA thinks they can improve my life with Andre's Voxzogo. If these people can't stop diddling with "normal", what in the name of Adolph Hitler are they after?