Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Meet the Soros-Style Communist DA Behind the Waukesha Bail Catastrophe

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Meet the Soros-Style Communist DA Behind the Waukesha Bail Catastrophe: WFB
Waukesha DA “guaranteed” his progressive reforms would get someone killed: Emily Crane
Waukesha massacre suspect in court as prosecutors reveal child is sixth victim to die: E. Faddis

Darrell Brooks shared pro-Hitler memes, called for violence against white people: Lee Brown
Waukesha Suspect Rapped Against Trump and White Supremacy: Jordan Dixon-Hamilton
Ahmaud Arbery trial: Rev. Al, vigilantes, and dirty toenails: Barnini Chakraborty

Three Foreign Billionaires Finance the Dem Dark Money Machine: Daniel Greenfield
Experts caution use of 'looting' in describing rash of Bay Area smash and grabs: Julian Glover
Organized shoplifting exploits 'woke' undermining of law enforcement: Sarah Westwood

Biden owns the worst illegal immigration since records began: Hugo Gordon
Ruh Roh: The Marine Corps Is About To Purge The Vaccine Hesitant From Its Ranks: Gabriel Powell
Why Anti-Police Activism Kills: Michael Shellenberg


School Board Bans Memoir by ISIS Victim Because of ‘Islamophobia’: Daniel Greenfield
Bay Area’s Nancy Pelosi Buys $25 Million Beachside Mansion In DeSantis-Controlled Florida: CTH
UC Santa Cruz prescreens faculty job applications based on mandatory diversity statements: Jeremiah Poff

Scandal Central

Pelosi’s Political “Select Committee” Is Covering Up Police Brutality on January 6: Julie Kelly
Alan Dershowitz: ‘Identity politics’ is infiltrating the ‘Justice System’: JTN
New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections: DNYUZ

Georgia Governor Releases More Evidence That 2020 Ballots Were "Miscounted": Margot Cleveland
Greater Georgia sues for transparency on Zuckerberg’s $5.6M donation to Raffensperger in 2020 election: Fox
Yorktown Sexual Assault Misconduct. Dear Parents and other concerned neighbors…: Annemarie Clark


If only Kyle Rittenhouse could ask Biden and corporate media: “Have you no sense of decency?”: John Kass
Kyle Rittenhouse takes on his QAnon lawyers: Cockburn
Trans activists aim to make women fearful of speaking openly about gender. And they're succeeding: Telegraph

Cruz Hammers MSNBC Over Segment Linking Thanksgiving to 'Genocide' and 'White Supremacy': WJ
WaPo: Facebook's Algorithms Found That Most Hate Speech On Facebook Was Anti-White, Anti-Male: Steve Sailer
Brit Hume: Biden is Clearly Deteriorating and Clearly Senile: Sean Hannity


Putin barks, Biden blinks: Tom Rogan
The sinister Peng Shuai ‘proof of life’ video: Cindy Yu
‘It is Time to Break the False Gods’: ISIS Magazine Calls for Destruction of Hindu Idols in India: Ashlyn Davis

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

I Watched The Nation’s ‘Top Scientists’ Lie About COVID And Get Away With It: Dr. Scott Atlas
The Covid lab leak theory just got even stronger: Matt Ridley
New Data: Were Vaccines Safe For Pregnant Women?: CTH


Amid Unspeakable Horrors, Waukesha Teaches All Of Us What It Means To Be A Community: Kylee Zempel
Settle Down: Raconteur Report
Happy Pre-Thanksgiving: MOTUS

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MMinWA said...

What we're doing to our soldiers is just unfucking believable. Every day my pressure cooker of a country gets hotter and hotter. It's just a matter of time.