Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: They Want Us To Fear Room 101

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They Want Us To Fear Room 101: Jim Quinn
FL: Illegal alien who posed as minor charged with murder of father of four: Post
Case Against Rittenhouse Collapses As Key Attacker Confesses He Pointed Gun: CTH

Biden’s Polls Collapse While Courts Push Against Illegal OSHA Vax Mandate: CTH
Kamala Harris pumps Soros, other rich left-wing donors in France: Katherine Doyle
John Durham Is Getting Close to the Jugular: By Charles Lipson

Jihadis Are Entering the US Across the Southern Border: Robert Spencer
Iran's Terrorism Cash Reserves Soar Under Biden: Adam Kredo
Garland: $6 Million in Ransomware Seized, One Charged In US Cyberattack: Jack Phillips

How Government Worker Unions Manipulate Municipal Elections: Michael Watson
Randi Weingarten should have learned in school that she cannot fool everyone: Examiner
What’s Next as 27 States, Multiple Businesses Sue to Stop Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Fred Lucas


Biden Transportation Secretary Buttigrudge: Our Bridges and Roads Are Racist: CTH
Inflation expectations at record level as country grapples with higher prices: Examiner
Largest Welfare Increase in U.S. History Will Boost Government Support to $76,400 per Poor Family: Heritage

Scandal Central

Sussmann, Danchenko Indictments Confirm Mueller Probe Was Just a Cover-Up: Ship Wrecked Crew
Was the FBI Manipulated by the Democratic Party?: Eli Lake
FBI Sharply Increases Probes Into ‘Domestic Extremism,’ But Where's Evidence It Even Exists?: Robert Spencer

Al Gore’s Latest ‘Solution’ To Climate Change Is Mass Surveillance: Summit News
It’s Time For Millstones: Gates Of Vienna
Durham theory of case appears to be Trump-Russia collusion was largely a Clinton fabrication: Jerry Dunleavy


Democrat PR Outlet CNN Won’t Acknowledge Proof CRT Being Taught: 'Not in Curriculum!: NewsBusters'
Slate Chief Racialist Joel D. Anderson Says The Term ‘Woke’ Is A Racial Slur: Jordan Davidson
‘Yalla Brandon!’—the Jewish Vote May (Finally) Be Changing: Roger L. Simon

Winsome Sears Is Left's Worst Nightmare: Cal Thomas
NBA Mandates All Previously Vaccinated Players Must Get More Vaccinated With Mandatory Boosters: CTH
For those who don't know, the FBI Records Vault account shut down 3 months ago…: @DarnelSugarfoo


US declines to blame Iran for assassination attempt against Iraqi prime minister: Joel Gehrke
China’s Giant Target Warship In Desert Shows How Seriously It’s Taking Naval Arms Race: Thomas Newdick
Nicaragua Descends Into Police State (with Video): American Power

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Do mRNA vaccines interfere with natural immunity?: Alex Berenson
2,000-Year Old Slave Rooms Unearthed in Pompeii: ScienceAlert
Vaccine Makers Now Studying Why Vaccine Is Causing Heart Problems: CTH


Libturd Tuesdays Are Nice: Woodsterman
Our Man On The International Scene: Earl of Taint
Keep ‘Em Coming: I’m Here All Week!: MOTUS

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