Thursday, November 11, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: Your Money Is Now Losing Close to 1 Percent of Its Value Every 30 Days Per Labor Bureau

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Your Money Is Now Losing Close to 1 Percent of Its Value Every 30 Days Per Labor Bureau: ET
Gov. DeSantis Discusses Blocking Biden’s Routing of Criminal Illegals into Florida: CTH
LA Ports Break Records During Supply Chain Crisis: Jill McLaughlin

Kevin Hassett: Biden is making policy errors never seen before by economists: Fox
CRT taught at many of America’s most elite private K-12 schools: Brian Flood
Loudoun County Parents Press On With Calls for School Board Resignation: Terri Wu

Rittenhouse Judge Admonishes Malicious Prosecution For Ignoring Pretrial Rulings: CTH
Who is Saule Omarova, Biden’s Communist pick for a key banking post?: Sarah Westwood
NJ Senate President Sweeney Finally Concedes to GOP Truck Driver Edward Durr: CTH


U.S. Inflation Hit 30-Year High in October as Consumer Prices Jump 6.2%: Gwynn Guilford, WSJ
Consumer Inflation Doubles In One Month – 6.2 Percent Inflation Year Over Year – As Wages Drop For Year: CTH
Biden risks seeming out of touch as he tries to spin the economy: Naomi Lim

31 Republicans Rewarded Illegal Immigration, Spiked Inflation, And Paid Off Democrat Donors: Federalist
Biden's America: Illegal Aliens Worth More than U.S. Soldiers: Chris Farrell
6 Details That Reveal Long Reach of Biden’s Illegal Vaccine Mandate: Jarrett Stepman

Scandal Central

The FBI Knew Danchenko Was Lying From the Start -- Why Didn't Mueller Charge Him?: @ShipWreckedCrew
Rep. Issa demands apology from Google for removing speech from YouTube: Luke Gentile
How Covid despots humiliated America: Jacob Howland


Joe Rogan Eviscerates Liberals For Saying Black Conservatives Are ‘White Supremacists’: Clayton Keirns
UCLA threatens to expel remote student for not revealing his COVID shot status: Robert Zimmerman
When Brian Stelter Can't Handle the Truth: Tim Graham

In new book, Cuomo accuser recalls married Bill Clinton slipping her note with hotel room proposition: Carly Roman
Fully Vaccinated Vikings Player Hospitalized With COVID-19: Coach: Jack Phillips
Biden's Surgeon General Tells Americans Not To Share Vax Info Until Checking With CDC Overlords: RVM


‘Dozens’ of Family Members of US Troops Still in Afghanistan, Pentagon Says: ET
Chinese Regime Leader Xi Jinping Gives Notice to Asia–Pacific in Criticism Against US: Frank Fang
'A heartbeat away': Macron starts to look past Biden to the future with Harris visit: Katherine Doyle

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sketchy U.S. Surgeon General Attempts to Rebut Matthew McConaughey and Vaccine Hesitance in Children: CTH
Long Covid doesn't exist, volume one zillion: Alex Berenson
Senior NIH Doctor Pushes Back on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates: ET


100 Years of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Nikki Wentling
On Veterans Day, Let Us Honor Those Who Served as Well as Those Who Stood by Them: John Venable
Veterans Day November 11, 2021: MOTUS

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