Monday, November 15, 2021

Larwyn’s Linx: FBI's behavior over Project Veritas investigation questioned

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FBI's behavior over Project Veritas investigation questioned: Sarah Westwood
America Under Joe Biden Just Seems Awfully Upside Down: Andrew Malcolm
Why The Left Always Projects: Victor Davis Hanson

6 Ridiculous Gimmicks In Democrats’ ‘Build Back Bankrupt’ Spending Spree: Federalist
More on how the public feels about those massive payments to illegal aliens: Jazz Shaw
The Road To Hell Is Paved With Time-Wasting Race-Focused Task Forces: Casey Chalk

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Block to Biden Vaccine Mandate: Thomas Catenacci
5 Senate Republicans Demand Border Wall Funding: OAN
Winsome Sears Proves Again Why She Terrifies the Democrat Party: Mike Miller


Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame for the Inflation Disaster: David Harsanyi
Congress’ Wasteful Spending Spree Must End With Infrastructure Bill: David Ditch
Democrats Push Tax Credit to Incentivize Donations to Union Politics: Fred Lucas

Scandal Central

Robert Kennedy Jr Describes Global COVID-19 Censorship Program Of Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech: CTH
Adam Schiff refuses to concede regrets when confronted over Steele dossier: Daniel Chaitin
Kash Patel Names Four Government Officials He Believes Could Be Targets of John Durham’s Investigation: CTH


ABC/WaPo Outlines New Terrible, Horrible Polling For Joe Biden and Democrat Communists: CTH
The media’s epic fail: Sara Fischer
How long can MSNBC viewers fall for the lies?: John Ruberry


Hundreds of UK troops reportedly ready to deploy at Ukraine border: Patrick Reilly
Liverpool terror attack: what we know so far: Gus Carter
Latest Images Of Russia’s Checkmate Fighter Shows Us Just How Big It Really Is: The Drive

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FBI email system hacked to send fake cyberattack alerts: Asher Notheis
ISS crew told to hide due to threat of space debris: RT
Chinese Media Brags About Kindergarteners ‘With QR Codes’ Around Necks For COVID Testing: Ryan Saavedra


Tales From the Swamp: People’s Cube
F Around and Find Out: Feral Irishman
In Which We Virtue Signal Our Way Through Another ‘Dark Winter’: MOTUS

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